Here’s Why You Need a Commercial Roof Inspection


Roofing replacements make up over 90% of the North American roofing market. To avoid your roof becoming a part of that number, you’ll need a commercial roof inspection at least once a year. 

Does this not convince you? If so, read on to learn a few reasons this is the case. Your commercial roof and all the people underneath it will thank you. 

Reduce Health Dangers 

It’s common for mold to plague commercial roofs. Spores often fly in on weather debris and wind. The moisture from weather events waters them and they grow. 

In the best situations, mold remains on the outside surface of the roof. However, it can sneak through protective coatings and membranes if they’re damaged. It will then spread across the scaffolding and down into your building. 

One danger of this situation is that mold can cause damage to your building’s structure. This is because it breaks down organic matter like wood and paper. You may end up having to pay for building repairs later. 

Mold can also endanger the health of the employees in your commercial building. After they inhale spores, victims can experience sneezing, coughing, and many more symptoms. Employees who experience these symptoms may call out sick more often. 

Hiring roofers to perform regular commercial roof inspections will prevent this. They can notice any signs of mold as it’s just starting to invade. Then, if you wish, they can kill it off before it causes any and/or more damage and health issues. 

Prevent Severe Damages 

Picture the following situation. 

The membrane beneath your roof’s gravel has torn. With each rainstorm, more and more water pours into the tear. The storm’s winds also pull at the membrane and make the tear larger. 

As time moves on, the tear grows larger and more water gets under your roof. This begins pooling right above your ceiling. You may notice a leak at some point.

If you don’t take care of the leak or you don’t get one, the water will continue weighing down your ceiling. Eventually, the ceiling will collapse. Then, you’ll be desperately searching for emergency commercial roofing estimates only to find exorbitant prices. 

A roof inspection can help you avoid letting the commercial roof damage get to this point. Roofers who inspect your roof can notice a tear as soon as it appears. You can then only pay a minor amount for commercial roof repair services. 

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A commercial roof inspection may not seem worth the price when you’re not facing any obvious dangers. If you think that, look at the price of large commercial roof repair jobs. You’ll probably convince yourself that it’s worth not having to pay such a price. 

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