Hard Water? Discover the Many Benefits of a Water Softener

Hard water can wreak havoc on our bodies and homes. Discover the many benefits of a water softener with this infomative guide

Water is arguably the most important substance in the world. Our relationship with it is not an optional one. But like all relationships, we have our ups and downs with this lifegiving liquid.

Depending on where you live, you may struggle with something called hard water: water that contains a high concentration of insoluble minerals. If this is the case with your household, we want to suggest a great solution: The water softener!

So to find out more about the science and benefits of water softener technology keep reading.

How Does a Water Softer Work?

Hard water can be softened by removing the excess minerals through a filtration process. One of the most common water softener systems works with a process called ion exchange.

The water softener system consists of two containers with their individual purposes. The larger tank contains a brine solution while the smaller contains what is known as ion exchange resin beads.

These beads are designed to attract all of these insoluble minerals as your water travels through this tank leaving you with soft water. The brine solution contained in the larger tank later flushes out all of the minerals collected by the beads and regenerates the smaller tank for a new day.

There are also other types of water softeners that operate with different technology, but the basic idea of separating the minerals from the water is similar.

Benefits of Water Softener Systems

When it comes to soft water, there are a variety of advantages to your health and pocket.

The first is regarding the plumbing and utensils. mineral build-up can damage your pipes. This tends to cause low water pressure which can eventually lead to leaks. 

When it comes to your kitchen utensils, hard water tends to damage glasses and cutlery leaving behind hard water stains and that cloudy veneer on your once clear vessels. You also end up spending more money on dish soap because hard water hinders soap from lathering the way it is supposed to.

Soft water eliminates all of these disadvantages saving you bundles on repairs and replacements. 

Finally, soft water has great hair and skin benefits. Our skin and hair produce natural oils that keep our hair and skin healthy and vibrant. The minerals in hard water can stick to your skin and hair stopping the oils from hydrating your body giving your hard water hair and skin.

With soft water, however, your skin and hair are cleansed and, as mentioned, soap can foam and be rinsed away leaving your asking rejuvenated.

Soft water hair and skin could mean the alleviation of serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Love Your Water

As you can see, the benefits of water softener systems are manifold. Ignoring the quality of your water can have far more consequences than meets the eye.

Many consider water treatment as an unnecessary expense. What they don’t realize is that they will pay for it one way or another in the future. So, why turn a blind eye to your water when it’s such a crucial part of your life.

Softening your water is an act of love. It saves you money and protects the well-being of your loved ones. I’m sure you can drink to that!

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