Google Docs Tips and Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


Fewer and fewer people choose to buy the Microsoft Office packages that used to be non-negotiable for computer users. When Google Docs offers the same thing as Word for free, why would they?

It’s much easier to share and group edit a Google Doc than a traditional Word document. However, there is a learning curve to figuring out the online version. That’s why we’ve put together these Google Docs tips.

Get your Google Docs Hacks, below.

Online Templates

If you search “google docs templates,” there are seventeen results pages. If you search it in the Google Docs search bar, you can find some, but decidedly less. Most of these online templates are free and only involve you needing to make a copy or download a docs file.

First, search “Google Docs (specific) template free.” Find one you like and either click the link or download the file. If it gives you a link, do the creator a favor and click “make a copy,” which is the fourth option under the file dropdown.

Making a copy will ensure the document is safe and not shared by anyone who previously used the template link. You can then rename it and change the template to fit your needs.

You can edit these documents for any use, including for legal purposes. All you need to do is make sure the information is relevant and then add a Google esign option to finish off your Google Docs Hack.

Add Fonts

If you’re using Google Docs for something less professional (i.e., not a legal document), you can add fonts to make things more fun.

There are free font sites all over the internet, where you can find things like Disney-themed type to classic typography. Before downloading a font from one of these sites, make sure it says https:// at the top. That “s” denotes that it’s a secure website, which is less likely to give you a bad download.

Once it downloads, you’ll want to double click the .txt file and add it to your computer (it’ll be one of two options). Restart your browser, then you should see it in the dropdown menu.

There are some less creative “add more” fonts in the font dropdown on docs if it doesn’t work. This Google Docs Hack helps you find other language texts as well.

Work on Docs Offline

This is one of our favorites ways how to use Google Docs! It’s a great way to work on something on a plane without buying the expensive and unstable airline WiFi.

To access this google docs shortcut, go to your docs homepage, where you see all your recent documents. To the right of the Doc title, you should see three dots. Click that and choose “Available Offline.”

You’ll see an icon next to the title that wasn’t there before, which is how you know it worked. Once you have that icon, you can update the document offline, and your changes will save.

Google Docs Tips

We hope you learned at least one Google Docs hack in this guide. If you already knew all these, you’re a Google Docs pro! Congratulations on your mastery of the internet.

Once you start using these Google Docs tips, you won’t be able to live without them.

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