F5 MFA: 3 Practical Ways to Keep Your Network Access Secure

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What is a Multi factor authentication application (MFA)

A multi factor authentication provider allows users to add an additional layer of security to their accounts, ensuring their chances of getting hacked from external sources are decreasing.

The reason that MFA applications started to become a trend is the fact that many businesses started to offer remote and hybrid work for their employees. To be able to access company files and confidential data to work from any location, employees started to upload most of these on online platforms, and managers started to assign tasks on online company channels. So, to ensure that all company operations stayed within the organization, additional security measures were needed – hence, the integration of MFA into company accounts.

To further illustrate, when transitioning to online work, many companies started to use F5 networks to make everything available for everyone on one platform. However, having everything on a single platform increased the threat of cyber-attacks. So, with an F5 multi factor authentication connected to company accounts, employees added an additional layer of security where they needed to verify their identity to access their files. 

What are F5 Networks, and how do businesses use them

The main focus of F5 Networks is delivering, securing, and ensuring the availability of internet applications to enterprises. When a company starts using an F5 Network, it will have simple access to servers, cloud spaces, and a variety of other networking features – like communication platforms and company channels.

When F5 Network is integrated into an organization’s activities, it is obvious that most of its secrets, confidential data, management practices, and so on would be available on that platform. Networks like F5 have major benefits for making employees’ work easier; however, they have also made these accounts the target of cyber-attacks. 

3 Different ways to keep network access secure 

1. Install and connect an MFA application to add extra layers of security

Numerous solutions are available in the market to decrease the chances of getting hacked and securing company network access. One of the most commonly used solutions is installing an MFA application and securing the network with multiple security questions, as only having a username and password is not enough to keep hackers from accessing an account. 

2. Disable remote access for network access 

Disabling remote access means changing the settings of a device and making it private. In other words, by disabling remote access, managers will have to limit who can use a company’s network access remotely. This method of securing network access might work for some organizations; however, it is not as effective as MFA providers. 

3. Monitor Firewall Performance

Installing and monitoring a firewall performance has some similarities with disabling remote access; however, it gives users more freedom when working remotely. 

By monitoring firewall performance, managers need to make sure that they are granting access to employees who are working remotely and frequently check who has been accessing files and data. By checking frequently, one can realize whether external sources are accessing data. 

What you’ll need to install an MFA application

1. A trusted MFA application

As recommended, installing an MFA application is considered one of the most reliable methods of securing network access. Nevertheless, numerous applications are available in the market, and using the wrong one can have numerous consequences for a company. 

So, before installing the application, ensure the MFA application is trusted and reliable by the market. 

2. A company admin account

Creating an admin account is the second thing needed to connect an MFA application. With some applications, it is easier to create an admin account; however, with some, companies need to fill out an application and wait for approval from the MFA application. 

The admin account is a sacred account when using an MFA application because this account is responsible for providing access to other accounts. 


In a nutshell, working remotely has brought some benefits for organizations by making them more productive and effective. However, it has caused an increase in the possibility of getting hacked and losing confidential data to the public, which could damage a company’s brand name. 

So, companies should take matters into their own hands and secure their networks by whichever method fits their company. 


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