Distinctions Between an Esthetician And an Aesthetician

Aesthetician and esthetician are two terms you frequently see in the beauty industry. Although they have some similarities, there are also some critical differences.

A skin care specialist known as an esthetician can offer various services and treatments to help your skin look its best. They can work in a salon or a medical clinic.


Aestheticians and estheticians work in skincare, but their job responsibilities and training are entirely different. Knowing the differences between an aesthetician vs esthetician can help you decide which is the right career.

Aestheticians are cosmetically-focused professionals who provide facials, body treatments, and hair removal services. They have a degree in cosmetology and are licensed by their state’s cosmetology board.

They work in beauty salons, resorts, fitness clubs, and spas. They may also be found in hospitals, dermatology clinics, or burn centers.

Aestheticians can perform more than just cosmetic procedures, including acne treatment, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and skin tightening. They work with cancer patients and burn victims, addressing sun damage and aging issues.


Aestheticians are skin care specialists who provide skincare treatments, including facials, makeup application, and hair removal. They also offer massage therapy and aromatherapy.

Aestheticians can be found working in spas and salons or in private practices. Their clients typically want to maintain their skin’s health and appearance.

They can be trained to provide various cosmetic services, from non-laser options like waxing or threading to more advanced laser treatments and body contouring.

To practice their profession, estheticians need a license, and many have degrees in cosmetology or other fields related to it. Licensing requirements vary by state.

Aestheticians can take specialized courses in their field of expertise in addition to the training they frequently receive from skincare companies and trade shows. For example, many estheticians take classes in nutrition because it can help them give better advice to their clients about the importance of diet and supplements.

Job Duties

An Aesthetician offers a wide range of skin treatments to help keep people looking and feeling their best. They typically work at spas, dermatologist offices and salons to provide facials, waxing, hair removal and body treatments.

An esthetician must be licensed to practice their profession. This requires completing a state-approved program and passing a licensing exam.

The duties of an Aesthetician vary depending on their position and employer, but they are typically responsible for educating clients on the proper care of their skin. They may also help them determine which professional and retail products suit their unique skin type.

Estheticians must be customer service-oriented and self-motivated individuals who can make people feel confident about their appearance and overall health. This rewarding career requires strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail.


If you love helping people look and feel their best, consider becoming an esthetician. Estheticians offer skincare services in spas, salons and resorts that help clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can increase your income as an esthetician by pursuing training and specializing in a particular service or skill. This can include learning new waxing techniques or offering makeup applications, like eyeliner and lip tinting.

You can also make money by selling retail products you use during treatment sessions. This is one of the oldest marketing strategies and can be a great way to bring in extra cash.

Medical estheticians are specialized in advanced skincare and work alongside doctors, hospitals or other healthcare professionals. They provide skin care services to patients with more complex skin conditions, including chemotherapy or plastic surgery.


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