Attraction vs Love: Understanding the Difference


Have you ever been so into someone that they felt like they grew on you? It’s almost like they felt lucky to catch you giving them any attention, but you didn’t feel the same way. This may be the origin of the saying people use, “The one that got away.”

When you find yourself feeling one way and your partner feels another, you are operating under false assumptions. Whether it is attraction or love, you may have a one-sided relationship on your hands.

It is important that you can recognize attraction vs love, as they present different outcomes. Read on to learn more about the differences between attraction vs love and how to tell the stories of your partner.

Defining Attraction and Love

Love is something that is built over time. It’s a deep feeling of affection and connection. Attraction, on the other hand, is more physical. It’s an initial pull towards someone that is often based on looks or chemistry.

Attraction can lead to love, but it doesn’t always. Love involves much more than just physical attraction. Love is about trust, respect, compromise, and communication. It’s about sharing your life with someone and growing together.

If you’re wondering whether you’re in love or just have a strong case of attraction, ask yourself how long you’ve been feeling this way. Love takes time to grow, so if you’ve only been around someone for a short while, it’s probably just attraction.

Difference between Attraction vs Love

First and foremost, love is an emotion that is based on connection and intimacy. You love someone because you enjoy their company, and being around them makes you feel good.

Attraction, on the other hand, is more physical. It’s that initial pull that you feel towards someone based on their looks or their energy. It’s that instantaneous “wow” factor.

Love is something that you work on and nurture, whereas attraction is more fickle. It can come and go based on circumstances. 

Attraction can also fade over time, whereas love leads to limerence. To define limerence is to understand how it impacts both you and your partner. 

So if you’re trying to decide whether you love someone or are just attracted to them, think about how long you’ve been feeling this way. If it’s been months or years and consider the stages of love.

Dangers of Mixing Attraction and Love 

Though they may seem harmless, there can actually be dangers in mixing love and attraction. If you mix love and attraction, you may end up with unrealistic expectations and be disappointed when people don’t live up to them.

Additionally, you may find yourself attracted to people who are actually not good for you. 

Understanding the Difference Can Improve Relationships

Though attraction vs love is intermingled, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Are you struggling to find the person of your dreams?

Don’t give up hope. Continue to read our blog for more love and dating advice.


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