7 Examples of Toddler Clothes You’ll Be Sure to Love

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When you were shopping for baby clothes, perhaps your focus was on ease of changing diapers and soft materials. Of course, cuteness is always a factor when dressing your baby.

Now, it’s time for toddler clothes. Cuteness is still a focus, but now your baby is showing a personality. A toddler is also on the move and needs quality clothing that can take a workout.

In this article, we look at some of the best toddler clothing designs for quality materials, personality, and durability. Whenever buying new clothes from top retailers such as Farfetch, visit RetailMeNot.com to get the latest coupon codes.

Read on for a fun discovery of some of the latest trends for toddler fashion.

1. The Softest Fabrics

If you’re looking for softness that will keep your toddler cool in the summer and super cozy in the cooler months, look no further than viscose.

Viscose is made from natural materials. It comes from the pulp of trees.

Some manufacturers are now using bamboo because it grows quickly making it a renewable resource. Bamboo also offers UV protection and is a naturally anti-bacterial material.

Look for toddler dresses made with bamboo viscose if your little lady likes to spin and twirl. The fabric will move smoothly and keep a natural drape. While looking at cute toddler girls’ clothes and styles of dresses, try an A-line shape for ultimate twirling fun.

2. Environmentally Friendly Materials

There are many toddler clothing stores that are making efforts to reduce waste and offer sustainable fabrics. 

Hanna Andersson is a U.S. brand with Scandinavian design principles. For nearly 40 years, this toddler clothing company has been working at providing quality sustainable clothing. They practice the use of harm-free materials and engage in fair trade practices.

If you are looking for unique toddler clothing made from recycled fleece, check out super cute outfits, pajamas, and jackets.

We love the recycled marshmallow fleece jackets and playsuits! 

3. Stain Resistance

Toddler clothing that’s stain-proof? No way! Designers are doing it!

Look for specialty shops that feature toddler clothes with stain-proof fabrics. From bibs to full-size rompers, kids can get as messy as they want. You simply wipe away the spills.

For families that plan to have additional children, look for features of stain resistance and length adjustment. By investing in stain-resistant clothing, you save money passing the clothing down to the next child and give a little help toward tackling environmental waste. 

4. Reinforced Knees

They may not be crawling anymore, but toddlers are tough on the knees. Watch them slide and tumble! You can see why reinforced knees are a must for durability.

As toddlers are learning to run on pavement and slopes, skinning their knees for the first time is shocking to them. Your heart breaks a little as you see the surprise of pain on their face!

Reinforced knees that have extra cushion offer durability and a little extra protection for tender skin.

If you’re looking for pants and sweats with added protection at the knee for your toddler, try styles that have a soft layer inside and nearly invisible reinforcement stitching.

5. Grow Into Styles

We’ve talked about different ways designers are using professional sewing methods to help toddler clothes expand in length. You have some great options.

Get ready to not only extend the life of your toddler clothing but expand your mind! 

Clothing designers are looking to engineers for ways to extend the life of toddler clothes.

The result is toddler clothing that is lightweight and resists water. The clothes are truly cool looking! Think origami, and you’ll understand the expansion design.

Don’t steer away from expandable toddler clothing because of sticker shock. Think long term…over 4 years! 

6. Clothes With Personality

Toddler clothing stores are carrying more designs that reflect the individual personality of children who are developing their likes and dislikes. Sure, toddlers can’t read, but parents are enjoying clothing with inspirational messaging that reflects the character of their little one.

Additional trending styles range from super cute toddler girl clothes in the sweetest layered patterns to a very chic “Mommy’s BFF” look.

For toddler boys, the jackets for this year are a must-see. Imagine your little fella in his best kicks and a black leather jacket!

7. Formal Wear

Do you have a little one soon to be a flower girl or ring bearer? For special occasions when formal wear is expected, it’s tough to find something exceptional that is worth the price of formal toddler clothing.

For toddler boys, formal wear includes tuxedos and suits. The traditional style of this look is very tailored and follows etiquette rules for formal wear

For toddler girls, expect delightful party dresses, pageant wear, flower girl dresses, and religious ceremonial clothing. Layering and applique embellishments make formal wear for a toddler girl so worth the added expense. Is there ever enough tulle or ruffles? 

Formal wear means there is a formal setting with behavior expectations.

Your little ones will participate more joyfully if they are comfortable. Look for fabrics that are nonbinding or itchy. Underclothing such as soft t-shirts and tanks will also help to keep small children cool and comfortable. 

Find the Best Toddler Clothes and More for Your Growing Family

We hope you have enjoyed reading about toddler clothes and some of the insightful work clothing designers are doing.

From designs that do double duty as durable and environmentally friendly to thoughtful designs to save parents money, today’s toddler clothing is truly exciting!

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