5 Smart Ways to Prevent Car Theft


Have you felt that temporary panic feeling when you couldn’t find your car, only to remember you parked around the corner? Now imagine that you can’t find your vehicle, and despite your search, it’s nowhere nearby.

With car theft on the rise, it’s critical to learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a stolen vehicle. Read on to learn five ways to avoid car theft.

1. Lock Up

When parking and leaving your car, always make sure to lock your car, roll up all windows, and ensure you have your keys with you.

Often car theft occurs when the opportunity is easy. By locking your car and making a habit of rolling up your windows, most thieves are deterred just with this one precaution.

Stop car theft by setting habits to keep your vehicle and belongings safe.

2. Add a GPS Tracker

Consider having a professional mechanic install a GPS tracker in your car.

A GPS tracker is a vehicle tracking device that gives real-time coordinates of your vehicle’s position. This tracking information can be available on your cell phone or tablet and available to send to local authorities to find your car quickly.

Find out more info about a GPS tracker and if it’s an option for your vehicle.

3. Install a Smart Alarm

Typical car alarms alert those near your vehicle that there may be a theft attempt. However, if you are not near your car, you may be unaware of the alarm.

Installing a smart alarm might be a great option to alert witnesses nearby about possible theft and alert you through your device.

Smart alarms will send you notifications to your phone about the car alarm going off. Some vehicle alarms will even provide you with additional information, such as the engine was started or your vehicle has moved.

4. Remove Valuables

An impactful way to prevent car theft is by removing all valuables from your car. Your car becomes less desirable if there are no belongings or personal valuables in the open or seen through the windows.

If you must leave certain valuables in your vehicle, make sure these are out of sight. Try locking valuables in your trunk, so if a thief is looking at your car, he is less inclined toward your vehicle.

5. Consider a Vehicle Immobilizer System

Prevent a car thief from hot-wiring your car by having a professional install a vehicle immobilizer system. The primary purpose of this system is to disable a vehicle so a thief cannot get away with it.

This system may include smart keys, a kill switch, or wireless ignition authentication. These features will be helpful if someone is attempting to steal your car.

Stay Protected from Car Theft

Stay ahead of the car theft trends by practicing safe habits or installing helpful tools and systems. Check with your local mechanic to see what anti-theft systems are available and how to prevent car theft.

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