5 Reasons You Should Choose a Family Owned Local Construction Company

Are you looking for a construction company for a project? Here are 5 reasons you should choose a family owned local construction company.

Currently, there are over 5.5 million family-owned businesses in operation throughout the United States. Family-owned businesses also generate 57 percent of the country’s GDP!

Supporting family-owned businesses is an incredible way to support the local community and economy. And a reputable construction business, like Dans Construction Services for example, supports the local community back by providing the best service. If you’re looking to work with a local construction company for your next project, consider searching for a family-owned one.

Read on for 5 reasons why this is a great idea. 

1. Strengthen the Local Economy

If you choose to work with a local, family-owned construction company for your next project, you’ll be strengthening your local economy. 

Research shows that for every 1 dollar a person spends at an independent business, triple that amount gets returned to the local economy.

When you shop local and family-owned, you’re putting money right back into your community. This means more funds for programs and improvements that make the city or town better for you and your loved ones.

2. Create More Jobs in Your Community

When more money goes into the community and the local economy, that also means there are more opportunities for jobs to be created.

Unemployment is rampant in the U.S. right now, and small, family-owned businesses are some of the ones hurting the most. By supporting a family-owned construction business the next time you need something built, you may be helping to create a job for someone else.

3. Support the Environment

Working with a local, family-owned construction business is a good way to support the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, too.

By partnering with a local company, you decrease the amount of time they have to spend traveling back and forth between their office and the construction site. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to minimize air pollution. 

4. Know Where Your Money’s Going

When you choose to support local business efforts and work with a family-owned construction company, you can feel more confident about where your money’s going.

By shopping small and giving your money to a family-owned business, you’re helping to support that family’s livelihood. This means helping them buy groceries, helping to pay for their kids’ dance lessons, and keeping the lights on in their home.

5. Get Area-Specific Expertise

Finally, hiring a family-owned construction company means you get area-specific expertise.

If you have concerns about how your city’s climate or zoning laws will affect your project, it’s best to work with a local, family-owned company. They’ll know how to navigate around these things and give you expert advice.

If you aren’t sure what issues a particular construction company can advise on, you can always check their “learn more about it here” section to dive deeper into their areas of expertise. 

Work with a Family-Owned Local Construction Company Today

Are you convinced that partnering with a family-owned, local construction company is a good choice? If so, it’s time to start your search. Do some digging today and you’ll likely find a great family business to support in no time.

Do you want to learn more about how you can support and build other types of businesses? Head to the Business & Finance section of the blog today to continue reading.


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