5 Real Estate Fun Facts


Homes are currently selling at the fastest rate since the late 1990s. The average listing has a buyer in as little as one week! 

Whether you’re an investor, a homeowner trying to sell, or just someone that’s curious, brushing up on all the latest real estate information can provide you with an edge in the market. 

Dive into these real estate fun facts to learn more. 

1. There Are Almost 20 Million Rental Properties in the US

According to the latest data from the US Census Bureau, there are almost 20 million rental properties in the United States. From that data, we know that individual investors owned 14.3 million or 71.6% of those properties. 

If you’re interested in getting into real estate investing, there are many options out there for you. 

2. June Is American Housing Month

June is an excellent time to learn more about real estate and housing. It’s known as American Housing Month or National Homeownership Month. 

Many banks offer information on housing and the buying process to help individuals reach their housing goals. 

3. Staging a Home Has a Huge Impact on the Buyer

If you’re selling your home, you’ve likely heard about the advantages of staging it. Is it even worth it, and does it have an effect on the offer? As it turns out, this process has a significant impact on the buyer. 

A staggering 96% of realtors say that staging will have a positive impact on the buyer’s decision. Additionally, 31% of buyers said that staging the home made them increase their offer. 

Staging can help you sell your home faster and get a better offer than you might have expected. If you’re curious about more fun facts and real estate, learn more about staging and other methods to help increase the chances you can sell.

4. Over 1-in-4 Homeowners Make Energy Efficient Upgrades

According to the latest American Housing Survey, 12 million households, or 27%, made some type of energy-efficient upgrade. 

Homeowners are making the switch to energy-saving appliances, renewable energy sources, more efficient windows, and more. Updating the home can help you save on your utility bills, and these upgrades can also improve the value of your home, making it more attractive to buyers. 

5. The Most Expensive House in the World Is Worth $2.9 Billion

What list of fun facts about real estate would be complete without a look at the most expensive home in the world? 

That title belongs to Buckingham Palace, which belongs to the British Royal family. It has a whopping 775 rooms and is 828,000 square feet. 

However, it’s unlikely this home will ever end up on the market. 

Discover More Real Estate Fun Facts

It’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest housing trends, whether you’re an investor or a homeowner. Doing so ensures you can buy and sell with confidence and discover tips on improving your home’s value. 

To learn more real estate fun facts, be sure to keep checking our blog. We cover all the latest real estate and home news, as well as a variety of other useful topics. 


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