5 Different Ways To Select Lotto Numbers

Unsure how to pick you next set of lotto numbers? Here are some of the methods you can choose to try an pick the lucky ones for the next draw.

You have a one in 292.2 million chance of winning the lottery every year. While the odds may seem unlikely, it does not mean they’re impossible. All it takes is a combination of the right numbers to make you that lucky winner. 

Every time you put numbers in to play the lottery it’s a gamble. You could be the next millionaire just by picking the correct combination. The question is, do you take that chance? 

If you’ve decided to take a chance on the lottery it’s time to decide how to pick your lotto numbers. Here are several tips and tricks for picking those lucky lottery numbers. 

1. Use Those Lucky Numbers

Do you have a number that constantly comes up in your life? Is it one that you’ve deemed to be lucky in everything you do? Why not use that for your lottery number? 

You always have the chance that your lucky number will prove to be valuable. This could be your sign that your winning numbers are just waiting for you to use them. 

2. Birthdays Always Do The Trick

Yours and your loved one’s birthdays are always a good choice when you pick lottery numbers. They’re easy numbers to remember without even having to look at your ticket. These numbers are ones you’re familiar with. 

Pick the birthday of those you’re close to! It might prove to be a beneficial decision, just be prepared to potentially pay some of that big jackpot. 

3. Use Random Numbers

Using random choice is always an option. One of the best things about picking lotto numbers is that there is a chance no matter what number you choose. Pick whatever number sounds good to you. 

The meaning of a lottery is that it is luck of the draw. You have a chance at winning so long as you decide to put the money in and play. 

4. Numerology Is An Option 

If you’re someone who believes that numbers always have a pattern then numerology might be a great way for you to decide. Do your research and find that careful pattern that might give you the numbers that will make you a lucky winner. 

Just don’t forget what the lotto draw time is. 

5. Statistics Could Be Beneficial 

If you want to take these numbers very seriously you could do your research. Looking into past numbers could give you a potential indication of what numbers come out most often. 

While this option is not foolproof, it could be a fun way of seeing which numbers occur most. It could even end up being beneficial for you. 

Choose Those Winning Lotto Numbers 

Choose the lotto numbers you feel are going to bring you the best chance of winning that jackpot. This is your time to make yourself a potential millionaire. Be confident in the choices you make for the big draw. 

The numbers you pick should be the ones that make you the most comfortable. Lucky numbers or completely at random, the choice is yours. 

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