5 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Every business owner needs to keep an eye on their roof. Here are five common commercial roofing problems to keep an eye out for.

The commercial roofing industry is trying to rebound from a tough 2020. Yet, 94% of roofing companies experienced supply chain issues and price volatility. Repairs and replacements are getting more expensive.

Commercial roofing problems cost more than the amount of money to repair them. Factor in lost productivity time, damaged equipment, and inventory to get the true cost of commercial roofing issues.

Fortunately, you can prevent many of these problems. Read on to find out what the common problems are and how you can prevent them.

1. Expansion and Contraction

Roofing materials often succumb to the elements. They can blow away because of high winds. Areas that have extreme weather have other issues to worry about.

Roofing materials expand and contract with high and low temperatures. The materials can expand and contract so much.

In some cases, they shrink, warp, and cause significant issues for your roof.

2. Irregular Maintenance and Inspection

Unfortunately, too many commercial maintenance managers deal with the roof on an emergency basis. They see a leak and react to repair it quickly.

Most leaks and commercial roofing problems are preventable. You should have a professional commercial roof inspection two times a year.

You should also do a quick inspection once a month and after storms. You’ll spot commercial roofing issues like flashing damage, mold, and debris.

Taking care of these minor roofing problems prevents them from becoming much larger problems. Regular maintenance extends the life of the roof as well.

3. Wrong Application of Materials

There are different types of commercial roofers, and each type has a specific application. A shingle roof is the most common application for a residential roof.

It’s not for flat commercial roofs. Shingles should only be used for roofs with a steep slope (like most homes).

If the wrong type of material gets installed on your roof, it will lead to problems. The installers need to take the architecture, climate, and roof condition into consideration.

4. Standing Water

Commercial roofing systems are designed so water can drain easily from the flat roof surface.

If there are any issues with the roofing system, they will lead to significant issues for your building. One of the common commercial roofing issues is standing water.

This is usually due to debris clogging up the drainage system. Standing water that sits there causes leaks and weakens the structural integrity of the roof.

This highlights why regular inspections and maintenance are so important. If you don’t know you have standing water, you can’t take care of it right away.

5. Leaks

A roof leak is a sign that you have major issues to deal with. Check the ceilings for water stains and check areas of the building for signs of water damage.

A roof leak leads to mold and issues. They’re caused by some of the problems mentioned above, such as flashing damage, standing water, and drainage issues.

Prevent Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercial roofing problems are usually preventable. You can’t overlook the importance of maintenance and professional commercial roof inspections.

You’ll be able to spot issues, handle them, and prevent larger issues from happening. You also extend the life of the roof.

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