4 Reasons Why Floor Decals Are Essential

Floor Decals are self-adhesive vinyl signs that can be used to direct foot traffic and advertise a business. They are typically installed on hard, non-porous surfaces but can also be applied on carpets with a special type of vinyl.

Increased Foot Traffic

Floor decals are a great way to attract your customers’ attention and provide them with information in a unique, eye-catching way. They can be used to highlight important things like directions and product categories or even as fun piece of graphic art. Because people tend to look downward, floor round decals Niles, IL, are a great way to catch their attention and create a unique brand experience to make your business stand out. They’re also great for promoting sales and specials since they can be easily noticed. Unlike other types of marketing, such as billboards or aerial banners, they don’t require expensive advertising space and are incredibly affordable to produce. They are the perfect option for enterprises of all sizes and industries.

Boosted Brand Awareness

With all the time people spend staring at their phones, a unique promotional item like floor decals can catch their attention. They can highlight current sales, new products, or limited-edition offerings. Unlike traditional signage, they don’t compete with other displays or consume prime marketing space. Additionally, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often have hazardous areas that employees must be mindful of. They can use these floor graphics to alert workers to the dangers or give them directions to take a specific exit. This helps reduce employee stress and boosts safety. The best part is that these signs can be easily removed when no longer necessary. This makes them a cost-efficient solution for directional needs.

Boosted Productivity

In warehouse and manufacturing settings, floor decals can increase productivity. The signs can provide information about machinery or operations, remind employees to wear protective equipment, or highlight specific safety rules for the work area. This can be especially important in environments with machinery such as forklifts or chemicals. In retail stores, floor graphics are often used to promote sales and specials. They can also provide directions to different departments or a single aisle, especially if the layout changes.

Unlike traditional signage, floor decals take up minimal space in the store and aren’t likely to get in the way of shoppers. They can also be more cost-efficient than erecting a new signboard. They can be printed with arrow shapes to guide shoppers to their desired location within the store. This helps customers to find products quickly, improving their experience and boosting sales. They can also be repositioned and removed without any damage to the floor.

Increased Safety

People constantly look down at their phones, so directing them with custom floor decals is an effective way to communicate important messages in places where overhead signage is not an option. Whether it’s a QR code, directions to specific products within your store, or seasonal sales promotions, floor stickers can point customers in the right direction.

In a warehouse or manufacturing setting, these large decals can create pathways, help direct forklifts and other heavy machinery and remind employees of safety policies. They’re also helpful in hospitals and other larger facilities where it’s crucial to encourage social distancing and physical separation for patron and employee health. There are endless ways to use directional and promotional floor decals. They’re a cost-effective solution for any business that wants to attract their audience’s attention. If you’re ready to boost foot traffic and brand awareness, contact us for a quote on your next project!


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