4 Brand Awareness Examples You Should Emulate

Struggling with your brand awareness efforts? In this article, we present four successful brand awareness examples to give you ideas.

“What was your company’s name again?”

This is likely a sentence you never want to hear when discussing your company. But if you’re a small business it’s likely taking time to increase brand awareness.

You want to find a way to make your brand more well-known among your industry and the general public.

So how do you do this?

Here are some brand awareness examples you should follow:

1. Using Custom Hashtags

One of the best ways to establish a brand identity is to use custom hashtags as part of a social media campaign.

For example, you might recall Coca-Cola using the hashtag #ShareACoke. Or perhaps you’ll remember Red Bull using the hashtag #PutACanOnIt.

Make sure you create a unique hashtag that can help your brand to stick out. The general public should be able to connect the hashtag with your brand.

2. Influence on Social Media

You should have a face on social media campaigns. This doesn’t have to be you but there should be recognizable faces associated with your brand.

You can hire an influencer who’ll promote your brand through their social media. Make sure you choose someone who’ll be willing to promote your brand for at least 1 year.

Many of the most notable brands have a recognizable face. You’ll recall “Flo” from Progressive Auto Insurance or The “Dos Equis” Guy. Using these influencers is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

You can get more insight on how to become a superstar through a social media campaign. 

3. Appear on Podcasts

If you really want to increase your brand awareness fast, you’ve got to become a sought-after guest on podcasts.

Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign was launched after his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Peter Schiff often promotes his business, SchiffGold, by appearing on financial podcasts.

The same goes for Andrew Henderson who promotes Nomad Capitalist by appearing on financial and travel podcasts.

You have to become a well-known guest on podcasts. If you feel you can’t do a great job, make sure you have a trusted representative of your company do this.

4. Unique Short Videos

Short videos between 30 to 60 seconds have become increasingly popular on various social media platforms.

You want to create short videos as part of your brand awareness strategy. You can jump on a trend such as a dance trend that’s popular on Instagram or TikTok.

Or you can attempt to create your own series of shorts that follow a particular theme. This is the quickest way to draw attention to your brand.

Follow These Brand Awareness Examples

If you follow these brand awareness examples, you’ll have no problem with increasing brand awareness.

You want to start by using custom hashtags that’ll identify your brand. These are quick catchphrases that help others understand what your brand offers.

You should also build an influence on social media campaigns. Hire an influencer if you aren’t comfortable being the face of the business. You want to also have a presence on podcasts and create short videos to attract more customers.

You can find even more tips on building a brand awareness strategy on our website!


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