3 Reasons to Invest in Self-Storage Insurance

Are you wondering if self-storage insurance is worth it? Click here for three reasons you should definitely invest in self-storage insurance.

Are you looking to free up space, or are you in-between homes? Would you like to put your items into self-storage but are not sure for how long?

There are almost 50,000 self-storage facilities located across the United States. This high number makes sense as people want extra space to store furniture, electronics, appliances, vehicles, or even collectors’ items.

If you plan on putting your items in storage, then you are in the right place! Our guide will show you three important reasons why you should purchase self-storage insurance. Read below to learn how you can protect your most valuable things!

1. Protects You if Your Items Become Damaged

One reason to invest in self-storage insurance is that it will protect you if your items become damaged. Unfortunately, disasters can strike at any time, leaving your belongings damaged and in disrepair. 

For example, here are several things that can damage your items while they are in a storage unit:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Flood
  • Natural disasters
  • Rodents
  • Water leaks

Many of the actions listed above are out of your control. However, by having storage insurance, you have an extra layer of protection should something happen. And if your valuables are ever damaged, you can rest assured that insurance will cover the cost to fix or replace them.

2. Covers You if Someone Steals Your Items

An additional reason to have storage insurance is that it will cover you if someone steals your items. Some storage units are in low-traffic areas or may not have onsite security, making them prime targets for thieves. 

So, simply take a picture of your stuff before putting it in the storage unit. Then, if an incident occurs or there is a break-in, you can submit a claim with your insurance company.

Having self-storage insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered if anything happens to your belongings.

3. Most Storage Companies Require Insurance

Another reason you should invest in self-storage insurance is that most storage companies require you to have insurance before renting a unit. In addition, storage facilities are not liable should something happen to your belongings.

For these reasons, many storage facilities offer insurance protection to their customers. However, it may be at a higher cost than most traditional insurance companies or not protect you against everything. Therefore, you should consider getting coverage from a private insurance company like snapnsure.net. They provide affordable monthly plans that cover you if a storm, flood, earthquake, or another event strikes your storage unit.

By exploring your insurance options before you rent a storage unit, you will be prepared no matter what occurs!

Self-Storage Insurance Is the Way to Go!

You never have to worry about putting your items in storage again! Our guide has shown you why self-storage insurance is a smart move to make. If you take our advice and get insurance coverage, not only will you protect your belongings but also your peace of mind!

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