Why You Should Take Care of Your Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are a key aspect of one's overall well-being. Healthy relationships aren't easy to maintain. Here is why you should tend to them.

All of human society is undergoing a “double pandemic” of the Coronavirus and the mental health effects of isolation and social distancing. The psychological effects of long periods of isolation are well documented. But what about letting your personal relationships with family and friends slip?

We hear you. You are busy with work, study, hobbies, etc and there never seems to be enough time in the day to nurture your personal relationships. It isn’t that you don’t want to but maybe it isn’t a priority?

If it is a matter of motivation then keep reading as we are about to talk about the importance of maintaining personal relationships.

It’s a Two-Way Street

So many relationships shrivel and parish simply because one of you is waiting on the other. Do you ever find yourself saying something like “my brother never calls me…”? Ask yourself this – when was the last time you called him?

On the other hand, if you always call him and he never calls you, maybe call him out on it instead of just stop calling. Relationships are “give and get”. Don’t forget the importance of either or your relationship will surely sour.

Remember that the next time you are walking down the street with someone you care about, stop at the Byte Federal and make the day your treat! When you are walking back the other way, remember that graciously accepting from them is just as important.

Social Networks Strengthen Us

Having strong relationships strengthens us in every way – mentally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. In other words, people are vital in maintaining your overall well being.

It is common for those suffering from depression to say they feel lonely. Studies into the effects of social isolation also found a correlation between loneliness and serious health problems such as high blood pressure and decreased immune functions.

However, not all relationships are healthy. Having bad relationships can be just as damaging as good ones are helpful. You might even say that behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and life habits are as contagious as a virus.

Therefore, be very careful about which relationships you want to develop as you yourself will likely be influenced by them. Find out quickly which way your new relationships are going and hold on dearly to the relationships that add value to your life. Keep in mind, it’s a two-way street so be sure that you add value to their lives as well.

Value Personal Relationships

Nobody says having good personal relationships is easy, but most things of value ever are. Yet, taking a little time every day, every few days, or even once a month for checking in with friends and family can make a huge difference in your overall well-being.

Relationships can build you up but they also can tear you down just as fast. Be wise and actively evaluate how the relationship is affecting each other’s lives. 

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