What You Should Know About Living in Riverside, CA

Are you thinking about living in Riverside, CA? Here is what you need to know about the area, including the cheapest places to live and the job opportunities.

There are around 3,433 residents in Riverside, which is the perfect size for a charming town.

Nestled within the Inland Empire region, Riverside is an attractive and affordable city, which is rare in the Golden State. But there are other reasons it stands out from the rest. Perhaps you’ve heard about Riverside, but you’re not sure whether it’s worth your time.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about living in Riverside, CA.  

Affordable Housing 

California is notorious for its sky-high rent and extortionate living prices, which is why many are looking towards Riverside. For instance, the average monthly rent is around $1,194, while the median home value is around $286,600. 

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Great Job Opportunities 

Riverside CA boasts job opportunities for every industry, especially healthcare, electronics manufacturing, and journalism. It is also home to the citrus industry, so there are plenty of roles available. Or, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then work in its booming hospitality industry.  

Easy to Get Around 

You often need a car to navigate bustling cities like Los Angeles, CA, but this isn’t the case with Riverside. There are cross-country trains and over thirty bus routes to keep you connected. Further, you can choose an array of daily passes to discover Orange County or San Bernadino.

Plenty of SoCal Festivals

If you’re looking for things to do in Riverside CA, then you’ll be delighted to find a huge selection of SoCal events.

The beauty of this city is there’s a cultural mix so you can soak up Riverside’s Mexican heritage by attending the Annual Tamale Festival. You should also check out the city’s literary event, The Riverside Dickens Festival, or get spooky by taking the Ghost Walk through Downtown Riverside. 

Further, this city is the ultimate destination for foodies. Here, you can test out the various cuisines, such as Indian, Greek, and Italian. 

Fantastic Weather All Year Round 

Most residents move to the Golden State for its gorgeous weather, and the same goes for Riverside. A bonus is that it’s tolerable in summer because of its dry heat. But if you’re desperate for snow, then there’s the Snow Valley Mountain Resort, around 90 minutes away. 

Breathtaking Views 

Not sure why you should visit Riverside? Then, consider the mesmerizing views of Mt. Rubidoux. You can also spend the afternoon on the paved trail, which goes through the 161 acres of land. 

Another tourist attraction is the World Peace Tower and Friendship Bridge, which honors Spanish architecture. 

Start Living in Riverside, CA Today

There are many benefits of living in Riverside, CA, such as finding an affordable home to enjoy the sunshine all year round.

Riverside is also accessible, offers entertainment for all tastes, and lets you explore without always relying on your car. What’s not to love?  

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