What Is Epicor? Why It’s Just What Your Business Needs

Are you wondering: What is Epicor and what can it really do when it comes to boosting my business? Read on and learn more.

Projects always require several small steps and lots of cooperation between numerous parties. Upwards of two-thirds of United States employees waste time each workweek. 

You can use a software like Epicor to win your time back, streamline your projects, and make your workplace more productive. 

But what is Epicor? How can it help you with all of your project management needs? We’re glad to explain. 

Read on to learn more about Epicor, what it does, and the many benefits that it brings about. 

What Is Epicor?

Epicor is one of the best project management software platforms on the market. It’s a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is used in several industries.    

According to surveys, only roughly 35% of project managers are happy with the software that they use regularly. 

Companies like Epicor have a well-designed graphical user interface, and because it’s responsive, will provide your company an amazing return on investment (ROI) each day and week. 

Epicor Helps With All Your Project Management Needs

Using Epicor can help you when you need business software that does a little bit of everything. Versatility is a huge reason that Epicor is considered among the best software in its category. 

Some of the core modules included in Epicor include sales management, service management, financial management, and materials management. Advanced modules include job scheduling, mobile warehousing, and quick shipping. 

You’ll Give More Accurate Quotes and Improve Custom Relationships

The best business software provides you with accurate quotes so that customers know exactly how they’re being charged. When you get accurate quotes for your customers, you’ll be able to do business with transparency and accuracy. 

Improving the overall customer experience (CX) can lead to 80% more revenue for many companies. All of your customers will appreciate the fact that business is done above board and that you’re open about every aspect. 

Maintenance and Human Resources Will Improve

Your projects will always involve different aspects of maintenance to keep everything running correctly. Close to 90% of companies outsource at least part of their facilities maintenance. 

Epicor has modes that will keep detailed logs for maintenance and will let you know whenever you’re in need of new repair work. 

One of the best things you can do is link up with an Epicor consultant that can walk you through the platform and help you get the most from it. These Epicor professionals are licensed and skilled at every aspect of the software that you might need help with. 

Take the time to click for more information related to Epicor consulting services. 

Get the Most Out of the Epicor Software

What is Epicor? What makes it so helpful? Now that you have answers to these questions, you can take matters into your own hands and use the software to the best of your ability. 

Start with the points above to put Epicor to use in your business. 

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