What Are the Most Common Horse Jump Accessories?

If you're a horse owner, then you've probably bought a few different types of horse jump accessories over the years. These items include everything from saddles to bridles to halters.

While at it, make sure you’re using all the appropriate horse Jumping accessories. These will complete your look and reflect your style. 

Stirrup irons

While stirrup irons have many uses, you must choose the right one for your horse. You need a wide tread footbed with a secure hold, assurance that your foot will not slip, and the ability to adjust the iron length for comfort and balance. While stainless steel stirrups will never go out of style, innovations are introduced each year. Stay tuned for a future blog post about the latest high-tech stirrups.

A side-saddle stirrup is a good fit. It has a larger eye to accommodate the thicker stirrup leather. It is usually curved but may have a breakaway outer branch. A side-saddle stirrup’s eye is larger than a front-saddle stirrup’s. The stirrup can also be made of thicker leather.

Brush and tendon boots

There are several types of horse jump accessories that can be placed on a wall caddy. Some are for protection, and some are for comfort. The type you choose should fit the leg of your horse and should be snug enough so your finger can slide in and out without hurting it. Wild horses don’t often jump over oxers or piaffe. 

Brush and tendon boots are protective boots worn by horses. Tendon boots protect the horse’s flexor tendons from blows. They are fully open in the front and are sometimes padded. They are often made of neoprene, but wool-lined ones are more comfortable for the horse. Kevlar and other hard plastic materials are also available. They are also helpful for protecting the horse’s legs from brushing.

Figure-eight noseband

A figure-eight noseband is a popular accessory used in eventing and shows jumping. It provides a fun flair in terms of style. The band crosses over the horse’s nose and attaches under the chin. 

A figure-eight noseband is similar to a cavesson in that it keeps the horse’s jaws from crossing. The two-strap noseband has a lever and leather on the other. Its leather strap is threaded through the lever bars and runs over the horse’s nose. Its design also prevents the horse’s jaws from crossing. It is similar to a plain cavesson except that it has a second strap that runs over the horse’s nose and down into the chin groove.

Fetlock rings

A fetlock ring is a thick rubber ring attached to the horse’s ankle. It protects the fetlock from injury while allowing your horse to move freely. A low-profile fetlock ring is also better for long-term use as it prevents heat from building up underneath the boots. Ideally, the ring should be 5cm wide and fit snugly in the fetlock area.

A fetlock ring can be an extra aid for your horse’s propulsion and landings. Horses can jump up to 13 feet. The ring helps your horse decelerate for the takeoff, allowing it to get off with maximum power. Horses can jump without tiring due to the elastic energy stored in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


Roll-Tops are versatile horse jumps used as standalone obstacles or as part of larger fence sets. They feature a half-round shape with a rolling top on both sides. They are approximately three feet wide, allowing the horse to stretch while negotiating the jump. These jumps can be used in various situations, including indoor eventing, training facilities, and show jumping rings.

Roll-Tops are one of the most common horse jump accessories. The two-foot high obstacle is made of lightweight, durable materials and can be set up quickly and easily. They can be mailed or delivered within four to six weeks. 


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