What Are The Different Types Of Women’s Tops?

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Women’s clothing lines are the major chunk of fashion retail and of the garment industry. Women’s fashion clothing is one of the biggest markets and is full of various players in different types of clothing such as ethnic, high fashion, western wear, casual wear, etc. When it comes to women’s wear, some of the most important pieces are tops for women, kurtis, shirts paired with trousers, pants, jeans, shorts, etc.

Apart from this, there is gym wear, lounge wear, activewear and traditional wear such as Salwar Suits and Sarees. But the most versatile and flexible of them is perhaps tops for women with many different kinds, fits and shapes. There are many stylish tops for women, which can be worn formally and casually based on what and how it is worn.

Types of Women’s Tops

For women who complain their wardrobes are always empty, loading up on some different types of tops for women can be a great idea.

They can be paired with many different bottoms for a different look altogether, such as with trouser pants for a formal look, with relaxed legging or a straight cut palazzo for an Indo western appeal, with shorts or sweatpants for a relaxed home or lounge wear or with jeans for casual western wear.

No matter how you pair it, women’s tops are a must-have for everyone as they make up a girl’s wardrobe. Today there are plenty of different kinds of tops in the market, which are segregated based on how they appear or are worn. Some of the most popular tops for women are:

1.   Crop Tops for Women

Crop tops with a halter neck, boat neck, or a swoop neck are extremely in fashion these days. Crop tops may have a short sleeve, no sleeve or full sleeve, based on the maker of the garment. They are very stylish and come in many different types of fabrics as well.

2.   Long Top for Women

Long tops are easy to wear and can be worn casually with jeans or shorts for a relaxed effect. Long tops can be made to look like anything, for example, with a small sleeve and a bigger neckline or have long sleeves and a small neckline. They can be used for everyday wear and is great for running errands.

3.   Tank Tops for Women

Tank tops are the most stylish tops in the market. They are made into a body-fit appeal and are pretty tight. They are suited for those who want to look extra fashionable and love to show off their excellent body appeal. They can be worn with high-waisted jeans, shorts and even flared-leg trousers for an elongating and modern appeal.

4.   Ruffled Tops

Ruffled tops are very high fashion and look girly and cute. They usually have a very feminine look and appeal and are great for wearing with jeans, shorts and mini skirts. Ruffled tops are best suited for a dressy event or function.

5.   Round Neck T-shirts

The most common type of top for women is the round neck T-shirt that can be thrown on any kind of pants, jeans, skirts or shorts for a quick dress up either to run errands outside or just to chill at home.


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