Using the IBPS PO syllabus and making it into a study plan


If you’re planning on taking the IBPS PO exam, you know it’s a challenging and demanding test. To actively make the most of your study time and succeed on the exam, you need to use a study plan that fits your unique strengths and weaknesses. This blog post will comprehensively explain how to use the IBPS PO syllabus pdf. By following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to take the exam with confidence!

Review the IBPS PO syllabus

To prepare for the exam, you must have a strong foundation in banking concepts. In addition, you need to be familiar with the regulations and guidelines that apply to banks in India. To ensure that you cover all the topics in the IBPS PO syllabus pdf, start by reading the relevant chapters of the guidebook. After you have read these chapters, take a quiz based on these concepts. This will help you focus your studying on the most critical areas for the exam.

Make a study plan for the IBPS PO exam.

There is no right way to study for the exam; each person requires a different approach to succeed. A study plan will help you better understand the material and learn faster. However, creating a study schedule incorporating some form of review (mock tests, flashcards, etc.) is always recommended.

Use flashcards to help remember key concepts.

Flashcards are a great way to help you remember key concepts, and the upcoming exam is no exception. The syllabus is lengthy, but with flashcards, you can condense it into manageable chunks that you can refer to as needed.

Start printing out the IBPS PO syllabus pdf to create your flashcards. Then, divide it into small groups according to the topic area. Grouping the topics will make them easier to remember and study. Once you have grouped the topics, create cards for each one.

Each card should contain the following:

1) The name of the topic

2) A brief definition of the topic

3) Key terms or phrases related to the topic

4) Questions related to the topic

5) Answers to questions related to the topic

Take practice exams

To score well in the exam, you must be familiar with the content. This means that you should take practice exams to prepare. The more practice exams you take, the better prepared you will be for the actual exam.

When studying for an examination, it is essential to take frequent breaks so that you retain focus.

How to break down the IBPS PO exam Into manageable Study Sections

The primary step is understanding the IBPS PO Exam structure and content. The next step is identifying the objectives of each section of the exam. The final step is breaking down the Exam content into manageable study sections.

Section 1: General Awareness

This section tests your knowledge of Indian banking systems across various dimensions, such as product offerings, distribution channels, regulatory environment, and customer segments. You will also be asked questions on corporate governance, capital needs, risk management, and lending practices. You can expect around 20 questions in this section.

Section 2: Financial Ratios and Analysis

This section of the exam tests your understanding of financial ratios and analysis. You will be asked questions on capital adequacy, profitability, asset quality, and liquidity. You can expect around 30 questions in this section.

Section 3: Investment and Financial Analysis

This exam section tests your understanding of investment concepts and financial analysis techniques. You will be asked questions on risk assessment, return on assets, and such.


Remember to stay organised! The more prepared you are, the less stress you’ll feel on exam day. Make a study plan, allocate time for each syllabus section, and stick to it.


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