Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Cryptocurrency has become such a popular topic, it is necessary to ask what the best cryptocurrencies to invest in are. Learn more.

Cryptocurrency — it’s the technological talk of the century. From some dismissing it as a trend, to others believing that it will change the world, it seems that everyone today has an opinion on crypto. However, if you’re getting into the world of crypto investing, you have to learn the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. 

But there are so many different types of cryptocurrency — what are the best cryptocurrencies to watch? If you’ve been asking this question, you’ve come to the right place.  This article will be your guide on the top cryptocurrencies. 


When it comes to the world of crypto investing, bitcoin is clearly the most stable option. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, the most trusted cryptocurrency, and the only cryptocurrency with a highly regulated distribution. This means that its market share swings much less dramatically than most other cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin has dominated the market so much that other cryptocurrencies are often called “altcoins”. Bitcoin miners using blockchain ensure the safety of Bitcoin through complex puzzle cryptography. 


Etheruem is, in essence “the other big cryptocurrency”. It recently experienced massive growth and is also run based on blockchain. Its block time is significantly less than bitcoins, causing miners to make more money. 

Many consider Ethereum a much more freeing cryptocurrency to use than Bitcoin. It can be used to create and share businesses, and fund entertainment applications. 


Dogecoin is the darkhorse, court-jester, underdog cryptocurrency that might just run away with the crown. It started as a joke and is named after an internet meme. However, in the 21st century, meme status memes popularity, and it’s rapidly grown as a viable option for investors (no small thanks due to Elon Musk’s interest). 

There’s no limit to the amount of Dogecoin that can be created, so devaluation is a potential problem. Still, certain investors certainly made a good amount of money investing when the spike hit. 

However, Dogecoin’s biggest asset might also be its downfall. Its meme status has led to many imitation bitcoins, which could steal some of its value


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Tether, widely considered a more stable option. Tether is backed by fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar, and some people believe this means it’s less likely to fluctuate. 

However, some investors and experts worry that ether doesn’t have enough dollar reserves to stay stable

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Understand the Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

A lot of people like to talk about cryptocurrencies. However, someone looking to invest needs to make sure they find the cryptocurrency best suited to them. Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and Tether provide different options for different people. 

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