The Most Popular Gold Coin Sizes and Designs

There's a ton of options to invest in precious metals, so here's the most popular gold coin sizes and designs you can invest in.

There is something alluring about gold coins. From pirate treasure to Roman antiquities, this precious metal has been a financial backbone for many centuries. Even the US had a gold standard backing up the currency for a spell. 

As such, it should not be a surprise that gold coins are still a worthwhile investment. However, there is more to it than just the gold itself. 

Gold coins are intricate works of art that come with a lot of history. Whether you are a numismatist or an investor, read on. This guide will take a look at some of the most popular gold coin sizes, designs, and origins. 

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Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The double eagle is an American $20 coin. Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the double eagle is widely regarded as the most magnificent US gold coin. 

The obverse side shows Lady Liberty, holding an olive branch, stepping out from the capitol building before a rising sun. The flip side is an eagle in flight. First minted in 1907, the double eagle contains a .967 troy ounce of gold. 

For investors and historians alike, this coin has a rich history

South African Krugerrand

Even if you don’t own any, you are probably familiar with the term Krugerrand. This is because it is among the first modern bullion gold. The krugerrand, minted in 1967, was created for investment as opposed to day-to-day use. 

The coin features former South African President Paul Kruger on the head. The reverse side contains a leaping springbok. The krugerrand comes in four sizes from 1oz to 1/10oz each measured by their gold content. 

Gold Maple Leaf

These Canadian gold coins are sought after by collectors and investors. The reason the maple leaf is a smart play is the gold content. This was one of the first regularly available coins minted with a .99999 gold purity. 

On the head side is a profile view of Queen Elizabeth II. On the reverse is a detailed maple leaf. This coin is among the purest gold bullion coins ever produced. The original is 1oz, but there are four other sizes. 

This is a regularly traded gold.  To acquire this and other coins, check out

Mexican Libertad

This Mexican gold coin was one of the first modern gold coins to be offered in different sizes. From its original date in 1981, the Libertad came off the mint available as 1/4, 1/2, and 1oz coins. Since then, two more sizes were added.  

This early variety made it a popular investment. Furthermore, the coin’s design gave it notoriety. The obverse side features a semi-nude Angel of Independence. This image is considered by collectors to be one of the most famous designs to ever grace the face of a coin. 

Find the Right Gold Coin Sizes and Designs 

As you can see from these popular examples, collecting and investing in gold about more than the metal itself. There is an important history behind the gold coin sizes and designs available. This guide will help point you towards the right-sized investment. 

If you found this article useful, stick around. There is a wealth of information available on the blog. 


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