The Correct Way to Be an International Trip Planner


Did you know that around 40 percent of Americans have never left the country? With so many beautiful places to visit and people to meet, it’s crucial to expand your horizons, at least once in your life. If you’re looking to become an international trip planner, there are some steps you have to take.

This guide will break down everything you need to know as you plan an international trip. Follow these steps and you’ll feel ready to hop on the plane to a new land.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Choose a Destination

There are two ways you can start. You can either create a budget first and find a place based on what you can afford or look for a destination first. We like the destination first approach because it is less limiting.

Sure, you may need some additional time to add some change to the piggy bank but it’ll be worth it for your dream trip.

There’s no shortage of places to go so think of a place you’ve always wanted to go to and commit to it. Write it down, tape it to the wall, and get pumped.

Do Your Research

Now that you have a destination in mind, you’ll need to do some research. You’ll want to know the official language, currency, travel laws, and overall feel of a place. Remember that this is an entirely new place and going without any information can add unnecessary stress to your travels.

Create a Budget

Once you feel well-informed about your destination, you’ll need to create a budget. Take a look at your finances and see how much you can realistically spend on your adventure. Remember to take into account how expensive your destination is and the type of vacation you want to have.

You’ll need to save up more money if you want a luxury experience without any stress. Write down how much everything will cost you and add some contingency money to be safe.

When is your vacation? You can divide how much your trip will cost you by the number of days until you take off, this can help you determine how much you’ll need to save.

Book Flights and Accommodation

You can save some money on flights and accommodation by knowing when to buy. For the most part, you don’t want to wait too long to book your flight because prices tend to go up as the departure date approaches. There are also plenty of websites where you can sign up to get travel deals sent to you.

Try to avoid all-inclusive resorts and look for options that allow you to get the full cultural experience of the location. Hostels, couch surfing, and Airbnb are great options.

If you decide that you want to make travel a bigger part of your life, consider investing in vacation rentals! You can help other travelers by giving them additional accommodation options and you’ll have your own place to stay when the travel bug bites.

How to Be an International Trip Planner

One-third of workers haven’t taken a vacation in two years. Whatever the reason may be, it’s time to start thinking of your next destination and get a budget ready! The first step is to get excited and then it’s all about becoming an international trip planner.

Once you know the basics, you can dive deeper. Go ahead and open some tabs, it’s time to plan your next international trip.

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