Ten Tips for Communicating with a Person with Dementia


Many people are facing several issues regarding dementia. It is a critical situation of the brain due to nerve cell damage. You may find it difficult to communicate with a patient suffering from dementia because; these people are not able to meet all the requirements for healthy communication. This disease can decrease the capacity of remembering basic things gradually. Sometimes, these patients can act like tiny children.

By following the below-mentioned tips will be able to help you to communicate with dementia patients. This is how; you can understand the actual condition of their brain. Apart from this, it will be easier for you to treat the disease more accurately.

Ask simple question

While communicating with people with dementia symptoms you need to ask them simple and basic questions. You should know that their brains are not able to handle complex questions. By asking them difficult and complicated questions you may damage the brain’s cells without your concern. 

Create simple and easy steps to follow

According to the experts you need to create some simple and easy steps for a dementia patient to improve brain function. The easy steps will help them to receive the happiness of solving something along with the weaker brain capacity.

Show affection and love

Not only dementia patients, any other disease can be cured by love and affection quite easily. Due to many reasons such as rough medication, poor memorizing power dementia patients are usually not in a good mood. This is why you need to handle these people with great patients and attention.

Try some jokes sometimes

To divert their mind you can also try some silly jokes. This will be able to help you to lighten the atmosphere for a while. Besides, the patient will also find interest to communicate with you quite easily.

Make them think positive

Positive thinking can easily help people to overcome any difficulties. Dementia can fill the patient’s life with negativity. Sometimes the family-members also start losing interest in the patients. From this point of view, you need to add more positivity to their life to increase the brain function in a smarter way.

Try to make them understand your point

Introducing something new to a dementia patient is not an easy task. In this situation, the patient cannot be able to accept anything new or interesting. You need to have patients and attentiveness towards the people while making them understand something new. Apart from this, you need to understand their brain capacity as well.

Fill the moment of sorrow with happiness

An atmosphere full of sadness can make any normal person depressed and sick within some time. Dementia patients are already in a worse situation where they cannot even recognize themselves. A sudden moment of happiness can make them feel familiar with it. They will soon start to depend on you by breaking all the boundaries. They will soon start feeling secure around you. Thus, they will start expressing themselves towards you.

Most of the health care assistants are following the above-mentioned points to deal with dementia patients with ease. According to the experts, communication in a positive manner is an effective way to recover all the difficulties for dementia patients. Finally, you will be able to cure people with dementia symptoms with lesser effort.


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