Protect Your Brain – The Benefits of Wearing a Concussion Headband

A new study found that protective headgear did not reduce the number of sport-related concussions sustained by high school soccer players. It also did not reduce the days spent in a return-to-play protocol or missed from participating in soccer.

Protecting your brain at any age is essential for a lifetime of healthy thinking. Wear a helmet, avoid harmful habits and make intelligent choices that will help you keep your thinking power over the long haul.

Reduces Impact Force

If you’re a parent, coach or leader of youth soccer, you know the importance of concussion safety. That’s why you’ve probably seen more and more concussion headbands – also called concussion head guards – on the soccer field.

The brain is exposed to high direct and rotational impact force levels during a concussion. The latter occurs as the brain twists and moves, which causes the neurons in the brain to rub against each other.

Helmets and other protective equipment are designed primarily to dissipate impact force but do little to limit rotational forces. That’s because a helmet protects against translational movements – back and forth, front and back – better than it does against rotational ones.

That’s why a hard helmet reduces skull fractures more effectively than it protects against concussions.

But it’s not all about protection: There are also other benefits of wearing a concussion headband, like reduced injury risk and stress.

To test whether a concussion headband reduces impact force, we conducted a laboratory experiment using a soccer ball to simulate a collision on the soccer field. We tried three headbands and compared the results to a no-headband control condition. The results showed that all headbands significantly reduced the peak impact force, but the Protector headband was the most effective. The Protector headband also considerably reduced the time to peak impact and impulse of each hit.

Absorbs Perspiration

If you’ve ever played soccer or if you’re an avid sports fan, you know that concussions can be devastating. Fortunately, several ways exist to prevent or at least mitigate the effects of a concussion.

One way is to wear a concussion headband. They look like regular sweatbands, but they perform a variety of functions.

A concussion headband uses an extraordinary impact-absorbing material to absorb and dissipate the force of the impact. This reduces the amount of energy that reaches the brain and, therefore, can lessen the severity of a head injury.

A study published in the journal Neurology found that wearing a concussion headband can cut your risk of sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury in half.

The best part about these little wonders is that they are lightweight and comfortable. They are also easy to wash so that they can be used repeatedly. They even come in a variety of colors to suit your style. They’re the best way to keep you safe on the field or court. They can’t eliminate all head injuries, but they are the cheapest and easiest way to protect your brain. We’re proud to offer them in our Shop. The best part is that you can buy them for as little as $29!

Reduces Stress

One of the most popular concussion-safety gadgets is a concussion headband. These devices, which can be found on soccer fields everywhere, claim to reduce the number and force of hits taken to the head, which is a big deal in sports that don’t require helmets. However, these claims are backed by little evidence and may encourage more aggressive play.

According to a study published in Science, a concussion headband may decrease the probability of getting a head hit by 20%. The device absorbs shock and reduces impact force through its airflow system and breathable fabric. It also absorbs sweat and dries quickly. It’s an impressive little device. And it’s one that you should consider if your child has recently suffered a concussion.

Reduces Fatigue

The concussion headband is standard on the soccer field and has become an increasingly popular safety precaution for youth players, coaches and parents. They are also a great way to show team support and help raise awareness of the importance of preventing concussions in sports.

One of the most important benefits of wearing a headband is reducing fatigue. Football players are regularly exposed to violent impacts and have an increased risk of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs). Athletes may experience multiple mTBIs, and their cumulative effects can cause long-term brain dysfunctions, making monitoring their fatigue even more essential. Fatigue is measured by analyzing the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide acts as a metabolic adjustment factor that controls the flow of oxygen in the blood and the contraction/relaxation of muscles. The concentration of nitric oxide changes with exercise intensity, and the amount of nitric oxide detected can then be compared to SpO2 to assess fatigue.

In addition to reducing the risk of injury, a concussion headband can help reduce fatigue by absorbing sweat and allowing players to remain cool and comfortable during training and competition.


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