Planning for the Golden Years: How to Stay Active and Engaged in Retirement


We are all working towards it, but very few people are prepared for it once it arrives. Retirement is the golden opportunity to spend all of your time doing things you enjoy, but seven out of 10 retirees don’t know what to do with their time.

The problem is that so few people have hobbies by the time they retire. They’ve spent so much time working that they have lost touch with the things that bring them joy.

As a result, many people enter retirement bored and unhealthy, possibly overweight. But retirement is meant to be so much more than that.

Need ideas for retirement, so that you can be prepared for a fun, active, and healthy lifestyle once the alarm clock goes in the trash? Then keep reading below to get an idea of what to do in retirement to stay active. 

Consider an Active Retirement Community

Many people couldn’t imagine selling their homes and moving into a retirement community. After all, you’re only 60, right?

But active retirement communities can be fun, fulfilling places to live. It’s not a retirement home you’re moving into, where you need help. Especially a 55 and older community like Starhaven Villas where seniors can experience luxury home environment.

Active retirement communities are generally made up of condos, apartments, townhouses, and in some cases, single-family homes. They are geared toward people who are 55 and older.

And with so many people in a similar stage of life as neighbors, there’s always someone to connect with. It’s easy to go for a walk with a friend each morning or to play pickleball at the local court.

An active community around you can be the inspiration and encouragement you need to remain active on a daily basis. 

Retirement Hobbies

Whether you stay in your current home or move into a new community, the most important thing you can do in retirement is find the hobbies you enjoy the most.

For some, it’s the same hobbies you’ve ad your whole life. Now you just get more time to do them. 

For others, it’s a time to try new things that you never had time for during your working and family-raising years. Here are some of the best ideas for active hobbies. 


Golf is a classic retirement hobby. And for good reason.

Golf is an activity best done with others, so the social connection is prioritized. Plus, golf gets you outside, giving you fresh air and sunshine.

And it does provide exercise, albeit moderate. It’s an easy activity that keeps you moving. And it motivates you to practice your craft. It’s essential that you maintain a hobby that challenges you in retirement.


Fishing is one of the best ways to experience nature. Whether you fish from a boat, or you hike into the woods to flyfish in secluded rivers, it’s something that’s best done daily.

When you can fish numerous times per week during your retirement, you’ll finally be able to learn fish patterns, understand tide flows, learn how the weather impacts fish movements, and much more.

You can fish alone for solitude or bring friends for good chats. Plus, you get a healthy meal out of it if you choose to keep your catch. 


Move over tennis, more and more people are playing pickleball these days. It’s played on a tighter court than tennis and is much more fun for casual players.

Many retirement communities have pickleball courts on their grounds, making it easy to meet up with friends and play throughout the week. 


One of the best things you can do for your body and mind in retirement is to fall in love with cycling. It provides continuous exercise, keeping your heart rate up. You can check out various road bikes for sale on craigslist and get one that suits your tastes.

But it’s very gentle on your body, unlike running. And you can do it anywhere. 

You can go for daily rides around your town, or load up the bike and visit trail systems that surround your town. 

It’s also a great activity to take with you when you travel in retirement. Whether you visit campgrounds across the US or visit Europe to do some sightseeing, there’s no better way to experience your surroundings than by bike. 

And if your body can’t quite handle a standard bike, there are modern variations that allow for almost anyone to go cycling, such as recumbent bikes.


If you’re planning to stay in your own home when you retire, then it’s the perfect time to plant a garden. And not just a few herbs and flowers, but a real, thriving garden.

You can produce quite a bit of produce if you commit to caring for a garden each day. It takes time to learn how to care for different types of plants, but the challenge is a welcome one.

And eating fresh fruits and vegetables will continue supporting your health goals, providing for a fulfilling retirement long-term. 


Retirement is the perfect time to restore your affinity for hiking. Make a list of all the trails in your area and try knocking them out week by week. 

When you combine constant exercise with being completely submersed in nature, you have a recipe for a healthy and strong body at any age. 

Making Sure You’re On Track for Retirement

Dreaming of activities to do in retirement is more fun when you know you’re actually on track for retirement. If you aren’t on track, those days may never come.

Before making a list of all the things you want to do after enjoying cake during your retirement party, take stock of where you are now.

How is your portfolio? Do you have enough going in every month, or do you need to tighten your monthly budget and increase your monthly investments?

If you aren’t sure, then check out Botto Financial. They have solutions to help you catch up on your retirement to ensure you can still quit when you want to.

And even if you are already retired, financial planning in retirement is just as important as planning before retirement. There’s never a bad time to speak to retirement advisors to ensure you can live the good life for a long, long time. 

Writing Down Your Ideas for Retirement

The great thing about retirement is that you have plenty of time for everything. You’ll have time to do your favorite things. But you’ll also have time for new ideas for retirement. 

The world once again becomes your oyster. As long as you stay active and healthy, you’ll be able to enjoy many more years of adventure. 

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