Pacific Northwest: The 7 Best Cities in Oregon to Live In


Are you considering a move to Oregon? The beautiful state is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and creative types alike.

There are several different areas and cities to choose from, however. While each has something unique to offer, there are certain things that all great cities share-and one of those things includes a high level of livability and continual, sustainable growth.

So which cities in Oregon are the best to live in? Below, we take a look at 7 of the top cities in Oregon and give you the inside scoop. So, continue reading!

1. Eugene

Eugene has a vibrant and diverse community that is welcoming to everyone. The city is home to a number of excellent colleges and universities, which provide a great education for residents and visitors alike. You can take advantage of the many hiking and biking trails in the area, and there are plenty of great shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy.

2. Portland

With quick access to the mountains and the ocean, Portland is the perfect place to live for those who love to hike, bike, and paddle. The city is also home to over 30 breweries, which is perfect for those who love craft beer. Portland also has a great food scene, with a variety of food carts and farmers’ markets to choose from.

3. Bend

The city has a great location, being situated in the middle of the state and within easy driving distance of both the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountain Range. The city is also very livable, with secure communities, good schools, and plenty of things to do. The city’s economy is strong and diverse, with a mix of manufacturing, service, and high-tech industries.

4. Salem

The cost of living is relatively low, there are plenty of things to do and see, and the people are friendly and welcoming. The city has a safe environment and is close to a number of recreational activities. It also has a thriving economy, with several businesses and industries located here.

5. Corvallis

It’s located in the Willamette Valley, which is known for its fertile soil, making it ideal for farming and agriculture. It has a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks for you to unwind. The climate here is also mild, making it a comfortable place to live. 

6. Medford

It has a great location, being situated near many different amenities and attractions. The cost of living in Oregon is also very affordable, and it has a low crime rate. The weather is ideal, the scenery is beautiful, and the city is filled with friendly people.

7. Rogue River

It runs right through the center of town, providing a beautiful natural backdrop and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. It is also home to several excellent schools, both public and private, as well as plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy. It has also a variety of housing options which you can refer to this page of Oregon real estate page, making it a great place to raise a family. 

Best Cities in Oregon to Live In

You can’t go wrong with any of these seven cities in Oregon if you’re looking for the best places to live in. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be a perfect place for you. 

Consider this guide for a home with a slower pace and a more relaxed lifestyle. So, start planning your move to Oregon today!

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