Major Apartment Renovations: 3 Upgrades for Your Multi-Family Units

Starting apartment renovations on a unit you own can be exciting, but also frustrating. Here are three things you may have overlooked in your upgrade plans.

Are you looking to increase the value of your apartment complex, please your tenants, and gain new renters?

Conducting apartment renovations is a great way to increase the longevity of your apartments and decrease the amount of work that you need to put into them.

Upgrading certain aspects can significantly save you money in the long run and put you on the map as one of the best places to rent from. 

Keep reading to learn three major upgrades you should look into for your apartment renovations.

1. Kitchen

Upgrading the kitchen in a multifamily unit renovation can be a total game-changer, both for you and the tenant. 

Replacing the front of cabinets, replacing old countertops with these countertops, upgrading the sink, and purchasing an energy-efficient oven can significantly increase the return on your investment. Upgrading the appliances to be stainless steel is extremely desirable for renters and buyers.

You should be prepared to put in the money when doing kitchen renovations, as these can start around $20,000, but if you do it right, you could earn your money back easily. 

2. Bathroom 

The most common condo renovation occurs in the bathroom, most likely because it is used the most. It is also one of the first rooms renters and buyers look at. But knowing what to consider is key in renovating it correctly. 

Upgrading the tiling in the bathroom can make a huge difference, giving it a fresh and clean feel.  

Adding new apartment showers and faucet fixtures, a large ceramic tub and shower with a glass enclosure, his and hers sinks, and heated flooring and towel racks can make your apartment unit very profitable. 

No one is looking to live in an apartment with a barely functional bathroom. Upgrade it now, and avoid all of the repairs that come with an old and leaky bathroom.

3. Technology 

Embrace the technology of today in your apartment makeover. Consider revamping the heating and cooling system with app-enabled technology. This is also generally very energy efficient. 

Add in-unit smart upgrades, like voice-enabled personal assistants and smart appliances, such as a smart fridge or smart microwave.

Consider upgrading to a keyless entry, which will provide more security and protection for your tenants. You can do so by creating a keypad entry or FOB entry. 

Add touchscreen lockers so your tenants can get packages delivered safely, especially if the complex is located in a populated area. 

These upgrades can make your apartment complex a place of luxury, and it will also be a more functional and safe space with added security.  

Consider These Major Apartment Renovations 

These major apartment renovations can greatly benefit both you and your renters or buyers. Upgrading your units will help prevent required maintenance in the future, and it will improve the quality of life that your complex provides. 

If you’re looking for more home improvement ideas, browse through the rest of our blog! 


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