How to Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors: Top 4 Tips to Follow

You've invested a lot because you love the look of hardwood floors. So how do you keep them looking great? Here's how to fix scratches on hardwood floors.

Did you know that traditional high-quality hardwood flooring installed in your 2000 square foot home could cost you as much as $20,000 (high-end luxurious flooring costs even more)?

Hardwood flooring is definitely worth the price because it looks more luxurious, charming, and elegant than plywood and exudes so much more warmth and friendliness. 

But it also means that you will want to spend time and money to ensure your hardwood floors stay pristine. If you are wondering how to fix scratches on hardwood floors, here are four tips for you to follow. 

1. Figure Out What Kind of Finish Your Floor Has First

What kind of finish do you have on your hardwood floors? Is it oil or water-based? Is there a wax coating or an aluminum oxide one? 

Do you also have some kind of varnish or stain on your floors? Or is it unfinished hardwood flooring?

All this will give you a better idea of what you can and cannot use to perform hardwood floor restoration.

Also, before you do anything to remove scratches, wipe your floors thoroughly and use a wax remover solution to remove wax completely. 

2. Use a Mixture of ACV and Olive Oil for Small Scratches

Minor scratches like those caused by an excited pet or something dropped onto the floors can be easily fixed using this DIY solution.

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil and dab it onto the scratch. Leave it on for the rest of the day and rub it out. This should take care of that small scratch.  

3. Use a Finish Restorer for Light Scratches

If you have many light scratches spread out throughout your hardwood floor, then consider using a finish restorer to treat minor scuffs, especially if the floor itself hasn’t been damaged. It should be an easy job that you could do on a day off.

4. Recoat the Floors if You Have a Lot of Medium Scratches

With medium scratches that show only slight damage to the floors, you can apply a new coat of finish to the floors to do the trick. Make sure to match the original finish as closely as possible. If this still doesn’t take care of it, contact a hardwood flooring expert like CVM Enterprises Inc., to get your hardwood flooring restored. 

How To Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors – It’s Easy

Do not fear. Your investment in beautiful hardwood floors hasn’t gone to waste, just because you have a few or many scratches on them. With the guide above on how to fix scratches on hardwood floors, you are well on your way to beautifully restored hardwood floors.

Remember that if you have severe damage to your floor, you will need to sand down the damaged area or replace the damaged floorboards entirely. There’s no way around it.

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