How to Choose the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

Choosing the right Permanent Makeup artist will ensure stunning results that heal beautifully. It will also help prevent complications like infection and scarring.

A top-rated practitioner will always put their client’s safety and satisfaction first. They will also stay updated with industry trends and techniques through training courses and workshops.


An experienced permanent makeup artist will show you a wide range of work. This will enable you to evaluate their level of expertise and communication style. You can inquire and learn more about their professionalism throughout the consultation.

Ask about the artist’s training and where they went to school. Many courses are available, and you must choose one that teaches theory and practice. Some schools only offer training on props and do not teach fundamental techniques.

Asking the artist is a beautiful idea as well. What type of pigment do they use? Some artists will use tattoo ink, which could be better because it can interfere with MRI scans and cause swelling after the procedure. Look for artists who use PMU pigment, specifically designed for this procedure and containing safer ingredients. Also, make sure to check their reviews on Yelp or other websites.


Permanent makeup is a regulated beauty industry that requires proper certification to work within it. Especially since this technique involves breaking the skin and applying pigments, the artists have to go through bloodborne pathogen training, get tested for hepatitis, and be in compliance with the local health authorities’ regulations regarding workspace hygiene and sanitation.

Look for an artist with a professional portfolio with images of the before and after of their work. Knowing your results before you book a session and invest money in it is always helpful.

Also, pay attention to the equipment type they use – you don’t want your procedure done by someone who uses rotary machines for micro pigmentation because this can cause scar tissue buildup and keloids in the long run. Moreover, this type of machine cannot guarantee a clean and hygienic procedure. Choose an artist who uses the latest and high-quality pigment delivery systems.


When choosing a permanent makeup Long Island NY artist, you should look at their portfolio. This and the results give you a fair notion of their abilities. Look for pictures showing different colors, techniques, and skin types.

Also, look for photographs of the before-and-after of the procedure you’re interested in. A warning sign could be if the performers don’t have any. If the artists have only a few pictures, likely, they’re just starting or don’t like to display their work publicly.

The quantity of treatments is another factor to consider whether the artist performs weekly or daily. Experienced technicians will have a busy schedule and be up to date with the latest techniques. This is because they have invested many hours and money in their education. Also, they are confident in their skills and will want to provide their clients with the best quality work possible.


In addition to skills and education, clients also want their artists to be friendly and professional. They’ll be nervous about trusting a stranger with their face, so it helps to know that the artist is warm and welcoming when they enter the door. This means eye contact, wearing a clean uniform, and keeping the studio pristine.

Lastly, make sure to include images of your work on your website. People love to see photos, which will give them a better idea of what to expect when booking an appointment with you. Avoid using stock images if you can – they’ll look too fake and could turn off potential clients.

Researching and finding the right artist for you will take time, but the results are well worth it. Waking up with your brows already done or not having to apply lip blush or eyeliner every day will save you so much time and money!


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