How Does Arizona Car Shipping Work

Auto transport boasts a straightforward and simple way to move a car or truck a distance but wants to avoid driving that far. Sometimes, it’s impractical or impossible to drive far in a vehicle whether you want to conserve miles or preserve the car’s value. 

When you’re moving from Arizona to the other side of the United States, auto transport companies Arizona offer a convenient way to transition your car with you without the need to subject it to the substantial wear and tear driving would add to it. 

It’s a much safer process, avoiding the excessive costs for fueling up, stopping for hotel and restaurant breaks, and the possibility for incidents along the route or possible accidents private drivers are more readily exposed to than the carriers hauling the autos. 

These carriers have extensive defensive driving training, giving them the ability to handle virtually any hazard that crops up in their path. That allows them to protect your auto on the long journey more than you may be able to.  

Let’s explore the auto transport world to help you become more familiar with the practices for easier decision-making. 

The Fundamentals of Car Shipping Services 

For those considering the option but are relatively new to car shipping practices, it’s wise to become familiar with them before committing. Movers delivering personal belongings to your new location could offer car transport.  

Many full-scale, large moving companies offer auto transport, but many reputable businesses only specialize in autos. You’ll find many transport methods to move a car, including train, plane, and boat; a standard process is using an open carrier on the roadway, which is typical for car manufacturers. 

While this method leaves cars openly exposed, it is ultimately exceptionally safe, considering new car dealers trust this as their primary resource for transporting expensive inventory. 

Rare, classic, or luxury autos often choose the enclosed trailer with walls surrounding the vehicles for extra protection from the elements. 

It can range as much as “60 percent more in cost” from the open carrier, but premium prices don’t sway those with a priceless investment. Learn how to ship a car at

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost 

Auto transport varies from one provider to the next but will remain competitive between reputable companies. The range is roughly between “$700 and $1200 when moving within the US per HomeAdvisor.”  

If you choose a different method of transport, the price point will go up, including boat and plane shipping will be exceptionally costly. Some things that impact the expense: 

  1. Season: Summer and during the holidays are the busiest moving times, causing a high demand for transport services and increases in rates by “as much as hundreds.” 
  2. Size: The larger the car and greater the weight, the higher the cost associated with shipping the vehicle compared to compact or lighter autos. 
  3. Distance: The mileage will increase how much you’ll pay for transporting your car. The further the driver needs to travel, the higher the overall total, but the price per mile will decrease. 
  4. Location: When the driver needs to go to an out-of-the-way, remote area, the cost will rise compared to a site off the main highway. Also, if you choose terminal-to-terminal pick-up and drop-off, it’s less expensive than if you prefer door-to-door. 

Many car owners question how quickly they can expect delivery. Many of these same variables will play into the arrival. That includes the distance, road conditions, weather, traffic, and if the carrier has available space.  

When transporting within the US, it’s anticipated that shipping could take “as long as four weeks with most cars generally arriving within 6-12 days per the Move site.”  

Shipping overseas has the potential to take longer. Many companies will offer a time frame but will not guarantee specific arrival dates for pick-up and delivery. These spans are greater for remote locations and can be sooner when well-populated.  

When researching shipping services, it’s wise to look for one that offers tracking while in transit so you can monitor your car on the trip. Read here everything you need to know about shipping a vehicle. 

Final Thought 

A priority when preparing your vehicle for auto transport is to remove any personal belongings from the trunk and inside the auto, plus leave only roughly ¼ tank of gas in the car, reducing the weight. The driver should have a copy of your keys instead of giving them your original set. 

Washing and waxing the exterior will add a layer of protection if shipping on open transport. The company will have access to insurance if any damage occurs after the car is picked up. The likelihood of damage is minimal with most reputable auto transport companies and trained drivers. 

They have your best interest as the priority and the safety and security of your vehicle.


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