How Do I Choose the Best Landscaping Company in My Local Area?


According to the National Association of Realtors, hiring a professional landscaper is one of the top five ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, which can attract more buyers if you decide to sell your home.

A positive first impression isn’t the only benefit a beautiful backyard landscaping offers you.

Having a pleasant place to hang out outdoors creates opportunities for entertaining. It can also encourage you to enjoy the health benefits of spending time outside.

Are serious about making the most of your home’s interior and exterior? Keep reading for tips to help you find the best landscaping company in your area.

Search Online for the Best Landscaping Company

A word-of-mouth reference from family or friends is the best way to find a great contractor, but online research works well, too.

Search popular review sites, or browse the BBB for more information on local landscapers. These snippets may reveal much about the company’s customer service ethic and expertise.

When you’ve narrowed your search according to this information, look at the best-rated companies’ websites for details.

Be sure to look for more information about their:

  • Company ethos
  • Experience levels
  • Services offered

Some landscaping companies, like Massey Services, RDS Lawn Care, and Purple Care, offer extra services like garden pest control.

Interview Likely Candidates

When you’ve identified a few of the landscaping companies in your area, arrange to meet with each one, preferably at your house.

This helps them assess your yard and provide accurate advice on how to assist you.

These might include:

  • What days and times will you visit my home?
  • What do you include in your price?
  • Do you include lawn care services or only lawn mowing?
  • Who will perform the work on my property?

Ask them what type of pesticides and fertilizers they use. Are they authorized to use them? Are these chemicals safe to use near children and pets?

You should inquire about their licenses and insurances, too. Most states require that companies working in the lawn care industry have a business license or a contractor’s license.

Landscapers should carry sufficient insurance to cover any mishaps while working in your yard, as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

Compare Prices

After meeting with your shortlisted landscapers, ask them to provide a detailed quotation for their services. Then compare these side by side to determine which one offers the best value for your money.

We all want a good deal, but a smart homeowner knows that cheaper isn’t always best.  A company that charges cheaper rates may cut corners or offer limited services to keep costs low.

You can expect to pay higher fees for a landscaper with more experience or extra qualifications.

Maximizing Your Free Time

When you hire the best landscaping company to attend to your garden’s needs, you can spend your weekends enjoying your yard instead of mowing the lawn and weeding flower beds.

Alternatively, you could use your time to work on more exciting and rewarding projects. Browse our website for the best tips and DIY ideas to get you started.


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