Dispensary Supplies: What You’ll Need to Open a Cannabis Dispensary


Did you know that there are approximately 7490 cannabis dispensaries across the US?

Millennials are increasingly more interested in using this product. They believe it helps them feel good, relieve tension and ease boredom.

Considering they’re roughly a quarter of the US population and are more likely to embrace liberal views, they can be crucial to the success of cannabis companies.

If you’re looking to open a marijuana business but don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find how to get a license and must-have dispensary supplies.

How to Get a License

You must acquire the licensing and permits if you’re looking to own and operate a cannabis dispensary.

Every local jurisdiction and state has different requirements. Therefore, you first have to understand what it takes to get licensed.

Keep in mind that even the order to complete the requirements varies from one state to another. For example, in California, you must obtain a municipal license prior to a state one.

Sure, it won’t be simple. You’ll have to pay a license application fee. Also, you’ll need the proper dispensary licenses and permits before operating your business. But, you’ll be investing in a market with consumer demand that continues to grow.

Raising Capital for Your Marijuana Dispensary

While securing financing for a legalized marijuana dispensary is more complicated than other industries (as the product, cannabis, is illegal on a federal level), it’s not impossible to do so. It just means that, in general, banks won’t be able to offer you a loan.

You can still get business loans through credit unions or find investment from partnerships with individuals who have the capital to fund your operation.

Do you need more options? Then, look into cannabis-specific private investment groups (if you’re okay with high-interest rates) or search for angel investors (they’ll fund your business in exchange for equity or partial ownership).

Dispensary Supplies

Think of packages, Wholesale THCa Flower, safety supplies, and the equipment you’ll require to run your dispensary smoothly.

It would be a good idea to sit down and compile a list of all that you need so you don’t miss anything out. This will also help you plan out your finances so you know how much things will cost if they ever need to be replaced or more stock needs replenishing.

Now onto packaging. Shrink bands can be a great option if you want to ensure freshness. Are you selling edibles? Then consider plastic or durable containers. Lastly, if bud packaging is your priority, you can try bottles, bags, and jars. If you haven’t sourced your packaging yet, then you may want to take a look at the cannabis packaging experts at Vert Pack, for example, who will be able to help you design your packaging and make it stand out for your customers.

Good packaging stays in the minds of those who frequent your store, so if you don’t have something that catches their eye or makes them happy to have it on display, then you are reducing the outreach you could get. So always think about what message and style you want to convey, then go from there.
If you’re looking at selling equipment, such as bongs or pipes, you’ll need to find a supplier for these too. Wholesale smoke shop distributors can be especially useful for this, as you’ll be able to purchase the required products in bulk at affordable prices.
Get safety supplies too. Gloves, aprons, hairnets, shoe and bear covers, eye protection, antibacterial soap, and respirators are must-have items. You’ll need them to ensure customer satisfaction and reputable products.
When it comes to labels, opt for those printed directly by your POS system. Also, ensure they comply with state regulations for recreational or medical marijuana. 
Finally, consider getting an automated pre-roll machine to avoid consistency and quality issues. Click here to get an efficient one that doesn’t require pre-made cones. Indeed, you’ll create top-notch rolls.

Get Ready to Open Your Cannabis Business

After getting the funding, the license, and the permits, you’ll be ready to work in a growing industry that appeals to a key demographic in America.

As a business owner, it will be your duty to find a professional who is legally growing marijuana. Also, your supplier must take an unwavering approach to quality. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gain customer loyalty.

Ultimately, with the right dispensary supplies, license, permits, funding, and strategy, your dispensary will be successful.

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