Characteristics and Skills Needed in Pest Control Career

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Some characteristics and skills are needed if you want to work in a pest control business or are interested in this field. Some of the skills include punctuality, organization, and communication. You can use this article as a guide before you hire a company like Pest Control Experts (or one in your area) to handle your infestation problems.


Having a punctuational job requires a bit of finesse and attention to detail. In the pest control business, it’s not enough to show up. You must be able to communicate clearly with both your employees and consumers. If you don’t, your chances of landing the big job are slim.

The best way to show up on time is to plan, particularly if you’re driving. It can be accomplished by setting alarms for yourself and your passengers or allowing extra time for traffic. Having an organized plan can help prevent last-minute panic. Having a plan also demonstrates that you’re not the least lazy, a trait that can be particularly hard to cultivate in a high-stress profession like pest control.


Whether you want to get into the field of pest control or learn more about the job, it’s essential to understand the organizational characteristics and skills needed. Pests in buildings can be dangerous to both people and animals. Therefore, a pest control technician must work with various chemicals and be familiar with the safety precautions that must be followed.

A pest control technician usually needs a high school diploma and a license. They will also need to complete on-the-job training and formal technical instruction. They will also need to maintain accurate records of the chemicals they use and their payments as to how much do pest control technicians make.

They will also need protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and respirators. They may also need to use a fumigator, a device that uses a hose to fill infested buildings with gas. They will also post signs to warn people away from fumigated buildings.


Communication skills are essential if you are starting a pest control career or looking to expand your knowledge. In addition, it will help you to provide a quality service to your customers.

Pest control technicians often work with customers directly, so you must communicate with them properly. It will help you identify the problem’s source and solve it accordingly. You should also be able to identify different types of pests and determine what they require to be treated.

You may be required to perform tasks such as assessing the severity of an infestation, choosing the best method for fumigation, and spraying pesticides. You may also be required to write reports about the treatment process.

Job Duties

Typical job duties in pest control careers are identifying pests, solving problems, and applying pesticides. Therefore, technicians must be detail-oriented and can work well under pressure.

They must have a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license. In addition, they should have excellent communication and computer skills. They may be required to work evenings or weekends. They might also need to keep track of documents and receivables.

Technicians may also inspect buildings for pests and repair minor damages. They must keep records of the remedial action taken and the results of the pest control treatment. They might also need to take advantage of training possibilities.

Technicians must follow product label instructions and use safe work practices. In addition, they may be required to wear protective gear when working with pesticides. Depending on the state, it may also be necessary to have a background check.


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