5 Things to Do at Manhattan Beach


If you’re looking for a fantastic vacation destination, Manhattan Beach is a great choice. This small California town has a population of about 35,000 people, but tourists also love to flock to its beautiful shores.

Whether you’re planning to move to California or you’re just heading for a visit, it’s always good to know more about what’s available in terms of entertainment and activities.

Read on for a list of five awesome things to do in Manhattan Beach so you can get the most out of your experience.

1. Hit the Beach

This iconic California beach takes up about two miles of the southern coast of the state. Many LA residents also love to come here to swim, sunbathe, boat, and fish.

The best time to visit the beach is during August and September after the fog from June has lifted. Since California has year-round warm weather, you can come and visit almost anytime. Another bonus is that Manhattan Beach is quieter and cleaner than Venice Beach.

2. Check Out the Pier

Make sure you take a stroll along the popular Manhattan Beach Pier. This beautiful pier features a hexagonal-shaped building with a red roof and includes a small aquarium.

This iconic pier has even been seen in a few films, including the famous “Point Break” with actor Keanu Reeves. Enjoy a casual stroll or spend some time learning about marine life at the aquarium during your visit.

3. Do Some Manhattan Beach House Hunting

If you absolutely love this area and want to move to California, then it’s a great time to look for a new home. The cost for a new house in this area can be expensive, with many properties going into the millions.

Make sure you check out these homes for sale to get a better idea. Remember to talk to the locals a bit to find out how they like living here, too.

4. Enjoy Shopping and Dining Downtown

If you love delicious seafood, then Manhattan Beach is the place to be. Explore the area’s plethora of delicious restaurants featuring a range of fresh-caught fare.

You’ll also enjoy strolling the downtown area to do a little bit of shopping. From chic boutiques to designer clothing, there’s something for everyone here.

5. Hit the Sand Dunes

Adventure seekers will love the sand dunes, which are now a local park. You can slide down the dunes, roll down them, or people watch.

This 100-foot beach hill is a popular spot for locals. Head over and get ready to roll your cares away. 

Explore This Beautiful California Beach

No matter what you enjoy doing, there’s something for everyone at Manhattan Beach. Don’t forget to look for a beautiful new home while you’re there, too.

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