5 Reasons We Need Electrical Inspection

While you may not think your home’s electrical system requires inspection, there are plenty of reasons why it’s essential to do so.

The primary reason is that a malfunction in your system can put you and your family at risk of fire or injury. The other reason is that a professional electrician can help keep your home safe and running efficiently.

Damaged Wires

We use wires daily to power things like lights, appliances, and electronics. But they are prone to damage from age, heat, corrosion, and bending.

Frayed wires are a serious concern because they can release heat and lead to dangerous fires. This is why damaged wires need to be replaced by an electrical technician as soon as possible.

Nicked wires are also common and must be repaired as soon as possible. These are typically a result of stress on tight bends or excessive wear and tear.

Another reason you should regularly inspect your wiring is that rodents can chew through wire sheaths and eat the insulation inside. This can cause a short circuit that leads to a deadly fire.

Faulty Outlets

When an outlet goes bad, it can quickly become a fire hazard. Luckily, the good news is that you can easily spot these problems and schedule an electrical inspection.

Loose plugs are a common culprit, especially if you notice several plugs dropping out of an outlet. This is a serious concern because loose plugs conduct a lot of electricity and can cause an electrical arc that can lead to a fire.

Another red flag is if the faceplate of an outlet feels hot to the touch. It may indicate faulty wiring and could also signify that the outlet needs to be replaced altogether.

Faulty Switches

Switches are often one of the first items to go bad. They have moving parts that get used thousands of times over the years.

If you’re not an electrician, it can be challenging to determine when a switch is malfunctioning. However, some signs of trouble include a flickering or dim light.

Another symptom of a faulty switch is that it can’t turn on. This is usually caused by a loose connection in the switch itself or in the wiring of the circuit it controls.

Lastly, a faulty switch can cause a circuit breaker to trip. This can be a severe safety risk, as it could result in an electrical fire if the switch is not turned off.

Faulty Panels

If you live in an older home, your main electrical panel/box may need to be replaced. These boxes contain safety devices (usually fuses or circuit breakers) that trip and shut off the power when too much electricity flows through them.

This helps prevent house fires caused by overheating wires or other electrical issues. But outdated panels can be hazardous and need to be replaced to ensure your and your family’s safety.

If you’re in the Sarasota area and want to ensure your main electric panel is safe and functional, call a licensed electrician for an electrical inspection. We can help you get your electrical system in tip-top shape and avoid costly damage from a fire!

Faulty Appliances

The electrical appliances we use daily, like fridges, washing machines, and gas cooktops, are prone to faults. We often ignore these issues, but it is essential to identify them before they cause further damage.

Faulty appliances are not only expensive but also dangerous to have repaired. They could be the cause of a fire or electrocution.

Faulty appliances can be identified like a pro; you need to follow the process that is set out below. These steps are straightforward and will help you to find the faulty appliance quickly.


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