5 Great Career Ideas for Car Lovers


The car and automotive industry market value reached $86.2 billion in 2022. It’s projected that this industry will grow by 4.3% by the end of the year in the U.S.

Car lovers consider many things before buying a car. First, you’ll need to consider the amount you want to spend buying the car. This way, you can decide to go for either a new or used car.

You should also consider the availability of spare parts and servicing options.

Besides buying a car, there are plenty of auto jobs where you can earn your living. Read on to learn five great career ideas for car lovers.

Car Salesperson

Most people also refer to a car salesperson as a car dealer. There are various responsibilities bestowed on a car dealer.

At every dealership or repair shop, a car salesperson should also collect payments and deliver the car to the buyer. Usually, you’ll need a high school education and ability to use auto repair shop software to qualify as a vehicle repair shop employee or a car salesperson.

A car salesperson negotiates the car prices with the buyer. Your car dealer will also explain the available financing options and warranties when buying your car.

Even so, specialized auto salesman training can be an added advantage.

Automotive Technician

These car jobs are amongst the most common in the automotive industry. An auto repair mechanic ensures your car gets back to perfect condition after crashing into an accident.

You can also visit an automotive technician for regular car maintenance and servicing. An auto body technician uses the right tools to remove old parts and fix new spare parts.

Visiting an auto body repair shop can also help you with car repainting services. Car lovers can apply for formal training to qualify for this career involving cars.

Alternatively, you may get on-the-job training as you continue working.

Car Rental Services

Not everyone can afford to own a car. Besides, you may need to hire a fleet of cars for a special occasion. So, becoming a car rental agent will make an excellent career for car lovers.

A car rental agent should combine their clerical and sales-driven skills to succeed in the market.

Your car rental agent inspects the car’s condition before collection and after the client returns it. Besides, you’ll collect payments, respond to client calls and solve arising complaints.

You’ll need a high school diploma and excellent computer and data entry skills to become a car rental agent.

Taxi Drivers

Rideshare services have offered car lovers plenty of employment opportunities. These auto jobs ensure maximum flexibility, and you become your own boss.

Rideshare drivers enjoy the best sights in different cities and meet all kinds of people. Yet, these car jobs aren’t for everyone.

You’ll need high-level driving skills and familiarity with mobile apps. Besides, your customer service must be on point.

Car Designer

It’s one of the most lucrative careers in the automotive industry. Automobile designers work hand in hand with engineers in designing functioning cars for car lovers. 
During the process and manufacturing, a computerized plasma cutter can be used to cut metal for prototypes and molds for a variety of different car parts. Typically, training is needed to use this and other machinery associated with designing cars. This will include safety procedures, machine operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. 
These car designs aim to meet the balance between affordability and becoming eco-friendly. For some, you will need a four-year university degree and some work experience to qualify.

Car Lovers

Finding auto jobs shouldn’t be as hard as parallel parking. Even if you don’t get your dream career, many car jobs can be rewarding careers for you.

It’s advisable to research different car jobs to determine where you fit. Ensure you understand your prospective career position’s required qualifications, roles, and responsibilities.

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