4 Must-Know Facts About Walk-in Tubs


There are a few things that you should know about walk-in tubs. These include the size and cost, installation, and safety. If you plan to install one in your bathroom, make sure you understand these factors before you begin.


Whether buying a new walk in tubs in Kansas City or remodeling your existing one, you’ll need to decide on the tub’s dimensions. The size of walk-in tubs varies in length, width, and depth. This will determine whether you can fit it into the existing space. In addition, it will also depend on the brand you choose. Standard bathtubs are typically thirty-32 inches wide and sixty inches long. The height is less of an issue, but it can be vital if you have shelving above the bathtub.  Unlike traditional tubs, walk-in tubs are made of sturdy materials. They are designed to be as spacious as possible for disabled people. Standard walk-in tubs come in various sizes, from thirty to sixty inches. This makes them ideal for a smaller bathroom without compromising functionality.


Walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind. They are generally ADA-compliant and feature a built-in grab bar for added security. This prevents slips and falls and helps keep the bather’s head above water. These tubs also have a drain to reduce water spills. Walk-in tubs are also equipped with anti-slip flooring. This is especially important for elderly bathers. It prevents slipping while filling and draining the tub. The anti-slip flooring also minimizes the risk of falling. These safety features are designed to make it easier for anyone to enter and exit the tub. Walk-in tubs are similar to hot tubs or shallow swimming pools. However, the water level is much deeper than that of a traditional tub. This may cause a slipping hazard for small children. The water depth can also be dangerous for people who are disabled or have limited mobility. They may become wedged in the water and unable to get out.


When purchasing a walk-in tub, it is important to research to find the best fit. Before you select a company to install your new tub, you should consider the price and the installer’s experience level. Some suppliers will install the tub for you, while others will only sell it and not install it themselves. In either case, you will want to contact a bathroom renovator or contractor to learn more about the installation process. While some shoppers are concerned about the space necessary for a walk-in tub, this is an important consideration, especially if you have an older home or a half bath converted to a shower. Still, walk-in tubs are sometimes the only option for many seniors and disabled individuals. Some companies even offer 3-foot cubic walk-in tubs to accommodate limited space. These tubs can provide the same luxury features as oversized tubs, including hydrotherapy and whirlpool accessories. Before purchasing a walk-in tub, however, be sure to read the warranty and the guarantees provided by the company that installs it. In addition, you will want to learn how much they will charge for repairs and maintenance.


A walk-in tub requires approximately 50 gallons of water to fill. Therefore, checking your water heater’s capacity before purchasing a walk-in tub is essential. If your water heater has only 40 gallons, you may have to wait a while before the water is warm enough to fill the tub. Consider buying a larger water heater if you frequently use a sizeable walk-in tub. A walk-in tub can cost thousands of dollars to purchase. When you add tiling around the tub or accessories, the cost is often increased. The cost of a walk-in tub installation is based on the type and size of the tub and other factors, such as the layout of your bathroom. It would be best to get several free quotes before deciding which walk-in tub to buy.


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