Best College Football Bets This Season

What are experts and advanced computer models saying about the best college football bets this season? Find out in this exclusive article.

College football is exciting because anything can happen. Major upsets happen over the course of a long season, making it volatile and unpredictable.

That’s why experts predict people will spend more than $20 billion betting on college and professional football this season.

What does the college football season hold for bettors as we head into bowl season? Some of the best college football bets are still available.

Keep reading to find out which college football bets are worth your attention.

College Football Futures

Future bets are ones where you bet on what will happen in the future. In college football, these picks are the teams that make it into the playoffs and who will win the national championship.

At this point in the season, it looks like Georgia is the favorite to win the national championship. You can’t count out Alabama, either.

This year is a bit different for Alabama, though. They lost to Texas A&M early in the season, and it looked like they rebounded.

Then they beat LSU by only six points, nowhere close to the 24.5 point spread.

As a bettor, you can go for the sure thing or you can go for a value bet. A value bet is where you bet on teams that are strong and have an outside shot to win. The odds are higher, so you’ll get rewarded if you win.

Value bets for the national championship include Oregon, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. One team that’s worth a look is Cincinnati. They’re number two in the polls, but oddsmakers don’t give them much of a chance to make it.

College Football Playoffs

The college football playoffs give you more chances to win. You need to correctly pick the top four teams. Considering that each of the top teams has at least one more tough game to play, it’s easier said than done.

The best way to look at the college football playoffs is to start with the conferences. It’s easy to assume that the SEC champion gets an automatic berth. Same with the Big East and Big 12 champions.

That fourth spot remains a wild card. Oregon, Wake Forest, and Cincinnati could sneak into that last spot if they win out the rest of the season.

Remaining Big Games

Each game takes on more importance as we get closer to the end of the season. Mark your calendar for November 27.

Alabama travels to Auburn, Oregon State plays at Oregon, Oklahoma visits Oklahoma State, and Ohio State makes a trip to the Big House to face Michigan.

It’s unlikely that Oregon State will repeat last year’s upset. Auburn’s ability to upset Alabama depends on the quarterback’s performance.

With the other two rivalry games, anything goes. The opening line for Ohio State vs. Michigan is only 3.5. Check the latest college football picks to see if that changes before placing your bets.

The Best College Football Bets Today

The best college football bets are future bets and the big rivalry games. You can win big if you can successfully predict who will make it to the playoffs and the national championship.

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