7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Payroll Outsourcing Company


Outsourcing payroll can do wonders for your company’s productivity.

No matter what sector you’re in, a small business can thrive without a payroll worker on staff. Payroll outsourcing is a common move, but you still need to do your research to make sure you’re using the best company possible.

Today, we’re going to look at 7 of the factors that you should be considering when choosing a payroll outsourcing company. They aren’t all created equally, so keep reading and we’ll help you make sure you’re getting the best payroll possible.

1. Longevity

An underrated thing that you should consider is the length of time that the company is in business. One of the things you need from your payroll services is stability, so if they’re a newer company or in danger of going out of business, you don’t want to be left out to dry.

2. Ratings and Reviews

Reputation is as important as any other factor. Getting a payroll service that has a solid reputation should be a priority, so checking out online ratings and reviews is the way to go.

When you’re outsourcing something important like this, it’s best to get information first. There’s no one better to get it from than a former client, so take online reviews and testimonials to heart.

3. Location

You should decide whether you want a local payroll outsourcing company or a national one. What might factor into this decision is wanting direct contact with your payroll service or having a remote service. 

A local service will be able to send a payroll worker into your business when you need one. If you’re comfortable with a remote service, then a national payroll company may have better rates.

4. The Right Features

What you’re getting from a payroll company when you sign a contract with them will help you decide as well. Most companies will provide basic payroll needs, but if you need something more specific, it’ll have to factor in.

5. Price

Come up with a budget when you start looking at your payroll outsourcing options. Obviously, the features that your business requires will partly determine the cost that you’re looking at. So will the level of experience and reputation of the company. 

Choose something that fits comfortably in your budget, but don’t go for the cheapest option just because it’s cheap.

6. System Integration

How seamlessly will a company’s methods integrate with your current payroll system? If you don’t want a complete overhaul, then they’re going to have to work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

7. Scalability

Lastly, if you’re a small business that has plans for growth in the future, then you should hire a payroll company that can handle you now, as well as in the future. A larger payroll company with more staff and lots of different features to upgrade to is probably the answer for a growing business.

Payroll Outsourcing Is a No Brainer

There’s no denying the benefits of payroll outsourcing, but it’s only going to work if you do your due diligence. Considering these factors in detail will ensure that you’re getting the best payroll possible. This will help to keep your employees happy and your financial health high.

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