6 Benefits of Cloud Services for Medical Offices

Cloud services can be a huge benefit to medical offices. Here are six major advantages of using cloud services for medical offices.

What’s the number one way you can improve efficiency in your medical office?

You don’t need to spend more on marketing or hire more doctors. Instead, one of the best things you can do is invest in cloud services.

Cloud computing is an online storage platform that securely stores records and patients data remotely, rather than on-site. This makes it quick and easy to share information and improve your delivery of services.

Thousands of hospitals, doctor’s offices, and health centres have embraced cloud computing in recent years. 

Ready to learn more? If so, keep reading to find six reasons why your medical clinic should embrace cloud-based software programs.

1. Cloud Services Allow for Improved Collaboration

One of the best reasons to use cloud services is to improve your collaboration, which equals a better experience for your patient.

When medical records and files are stored online, anyone can access them instantly, as long as they have the approval to do so. This means a doctor can make changes to a patient’s file, and by the time they walk out to reception to pay, the admin staff can already see the notes from the consultation, so they know which medical billing codes to use. Beyond this, if you hire a virtual medical receptionist, they will also be able to access the files, meaning they will be informed to handle future appointment scheduling, manage prescription refills, and deal with any other relevant clerical tasks, freeing you up to focus on providing excellent care. 

This helps your patients save time, which they’re sure to appreciate!

Even better, cloud services make it easy for multiple specialists to work with one patient. They no longer need to wait for x-rays or physical records to be sent to their offices, as they can access everything in real-time.

This is improving patient care and making it easier for multidisciplinary teams to work together.

2. Patient Data Is More Secure

Another benefit of cloud computing is security. With online record storage, confidential data and files are very secure—much more so than physical records.

Only authorized users can view or edit patient records online, after they’ve entered their secure passwords and codes. Medical record-keeping software is built with security as a number one priority.

Systems also use two-factor authentication, which makes it near impossible for someone to log on without permission.

This provides peace of mind to patients that their private information won’t fall into the wrong hands. Patients can also access their own health records easier when they’re stored online.

3. Medical Offices Can Save Space

Is your health clinic cramped and crowded, due to too many filing cabinets? Metal filing cabinets used to be the only way to store patient files, but these bulky items of furniture take up way too much space!

There’s no longer a need to clutter your office with files, as it’s much more convenient to store files online. You’ll save plenty of space.

You can securely destroy old paper medical records once all of your clinic’s data is moved onto the cloud. This will also cut down on office paper use, which is better for the environment.

Although it can take some time to get used to doing everything online instead of on paper, once you get used to it, it’ll become second nature.

4. Saves Time

Medical offices can also save time, thanks to the help of cloud services and software, such as plastic surgery practice management software, for instance. This is particularly true when it comes to telephone support and customer service.

If a patient calls up with a question about their health, the receptionist no longer has to put them on hold and walk over to dig their file out of a cabinet. Instead, they can look up patient information instantly, making it faster to help patients.

It also allows doctors to potentially accept more appointments during each day, since they won’t need to spend time looking for files between each patient. This can help your clinic run more efficiently and accept more patients, without needing to hire more staff.

This article by iinsight can help you learn more about the convenience and benefits of cloud computing for your medical office.

5. Budget-Friendly

Medical offices might be concerned about the cost of upgrading to cloud computing, but it can actually be very affordable.

Cloud storage is generally priced based on the amount of storage needed, which means you only need to pay for what you’ll use. This is good news for small, family-owned clinics that will generally have lower storage needs than larger healthcare facilities.

Because there are so many cloud storage options, pricing is competitive.

6. Cloud Computing Is Easy to Learn

Don’t worry about a steep learning curve for cloud computing—it’s easier to use than you might think. As long as your staff are already skilled in using computers and software programs, they should have no problems picking up your new cloud storage database.

As part of your purchase, the software company is likely to offer training, either in-person or online. This will give your staff everything they need to learn how to make the most of the new system.

Make the Switch to Cloud Services Today

Is your clinic ready to make the switch to cloud services? If so, dig deeper into your options, researching which software system is right for your needs.

Once you’ve found the right one, and trained all of your staff, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother your clinic runs. From more efficient service to happier customers, there’s plenty of amazing benefits once you make the change!

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