5 Self-Help Podcasts That May Impact Your Life


Podcasts are increasingly popular amongst younger generations due to their convenience, accessibility and the manner in which they offer a novel means of keeping storytelling alive. You could listen to a podcast at any time and in almost any place since it allows you to multitask while doing so, whether it be whilst driving, jogging or even doing housework.

Podcasts also enable you to cut down on screen time and are a valuable means of spending one’s leisure time as they are both informative and entertaining. Such podcasts offer a wealth of information, readily available at one’s fingertips at the click of a button. And, due to its ease of access, podcast adoption is shown to increase.

Self-help podcasts, in particular, are growing increasingly popular since they have the ability to make a significant impact on one’s life as they aid in self-improvement and growth. Therefore, the following article suggests five self-help podcasts that have the potential to make a significant mark on your life by providing knowledge regarding the various facets of life that can be better developed.

If you are also interested in podcasts that cover other topics, which are not limited to those relating to self-help, you may find other options here.

1. The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab by Dr Laurie Santos challenges our outlook regarding happiness by using scientific research as well as captivating stories in order to inspire a shift in our way of thinking. An accomplished professor at Yale University, Dr Laurie makes full use of her expertise in the field of psychology to help us gain a better understanding of what truly makes us happy.

We may often find ourselves questioning if we are truly happy in our day-to-day lives. To help answer this, the next time you may find yourself with some free time, whether it be whilst scrolling through your iPad or your phone, try checking out the Happiness Lab. This podcast might equip you with the tools you need to live a happier life as it enhances your understanding of happiness and in turn, increases your quality of life.

2. The Joy of Procrastination

Procrastination is an all too familiar struggle for most of us, and we often feel overwhelmed when it comes to fulfilling tasks after procrastinating until the very last minute. Dean Jackson and Dan Sullivan attempt to shed a positive light on the concept of procrastination in this podcast by highlighting how procrastination may be used to accomplish more in life.

If procrastination is an issue you may face, this podcast will help you better understand both the benefits and difficulties faced due to procrastination. Therefore, the next time you may find yourself procrastinating, whether it be by using social media on your phone or watching television, try listening to this podcast instead, as it may shift your way of thinking about the concept.

3. Unlocking Us

Unlocking Us is the creation of Dr Brené Brown, an author of six #1 New York Times best sellers and a research professor employed at the University of Houston. She is well versed in fundamental human sentiments such as shame, vulnerability, courage and empathy. Utilizing this knowledge in this podcast, Dr Brown helps us garner a better understanding of ourselves as humans.

Unlocking Us aims to offer guidance on how to take courage and heart in our lives. In this podcast, an array of stories and experiences, as well as other forms of media such as music, books and films, are used to help showcase what defines us as humans. Thus, making this podcast highly informative whilst engaging its audience.

4. What It Takes

What It Takes is a compilation of conversations with leaders and visionaries in the fields of arts, business, sports, science, technology and public service. This podcast may serve as a motivator for those who strive to accomplish more with their lives and achieve further growth, as it brings to light the mindset required to persist in achieving one’s goals.

As the podcast offers information and knowledge shared by those who have had to persevere through hardships when accomplishing their own goals, it may offer sound advice to others who wish to tread a similar path. What it Takes is also highly motivational as you are able to relate to and learn from the real-life stories of others.

5. The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

Dr Robert Duff, a qualified psychologist, spearheads the Hardcore Self-Help Podcast, which provides guidance on a range of topics, from how to handle depression and anxiety and how to deal with addiction to relationships and overall life.

Dr Duff uses his background in psychology to explain psychological concepts in a way that anyone can understand, while maintaining a casual and friendly atmosphere so that his audience feels more engaged whilst listening. This podcast gives one the sensation that one is talking to a friend and at the same time it is highly educational offering a wealth of information to its listeners.

The aforementioned list of podcasts provides a quick summary of some entertaining and impactful self-help podcasts. However, in the event you may wish to obtain a wider range of self-help podcasts, you can click here. The podcasts provided in this article have the potential to leave a lasting impact on your life, and thus, it may be well worth dedicating some time to give them a listen.

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